29 June, 2008

Finally found a place to hang our hat!

Well, it has been decided, we are taking the plunge and renting a small 2 bedroom on the Island Paradise called Key Biscayne. This decision pleases hubbie, as it reduces his commute time to a 5 min. bicycle ride. I am trying to be happy about it seeing all the positives. However, the fact we are going to live on an island jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean has me a little worried.

When we lived in New Orleans, I was very aware of the potential hurricane dangers. Luckily we moved out of the area before Katrina hit and I stopped commuting to NOLA. Most people I knew thought I was being ridiculous for fearing the potential threat of hurricanes, but now the aftermath of Katrina demonstrates, I had every right to be fearful.

I have made certain we are not living on the ground floor and that our unit faces away from the ocean or bay. We actually have a horrible view of the next building and parking lot, but I am so happy about it. There are supposed to be hurricane shutters on the windows which will hopefully be on before we take over the unit. Of course I will be prepared with plenty of water and food to keep my fears at bay.

The boys will love living here, which keeps my spirits up. Every day we have a choice of beach, pool, park or bike ride. We will enjoy living on a secluded, secure island that is very family friendly and peaceful. I will say my prayers each night and ask for Neptune to calm the waters, take a break if you will until we are able to relocate once again. I have 2 hurricane seasons to make it through. God willing, we will make it and our "stuff".

So for now, I remind myself this is a dream for so many and I should enjoy it. Trying very hard to assuage my fears and enjoy this part of my life.

22 June, 2008

Grass Roots - my morning read

This morning, I grabbed the New York Times, off my door handle to my room, and proceeded to the 9th floor, CLUB LEVEL. The 9th floor is a wonderful lounge area filled with drinks and daily food items for grazing. It has become my ritual to eat muesli with fresh raspberries and blueberries. Drinking fresh squeezed orange juice of course. As I eat, I read the paper, attempt the crossword puzzles in honor of the NYC Gal Pal, and nail all the number games to the a T!

The following article "Getting to the Grass Roots" was written by a man from small town Ohio. Now for those of you who are not aware of Ohio Politics, small town Ohio usually means Republican. I was really blown away by the article and had some faith that maybe the small towns of Ohio would make a change in history and vote for "Change" dispite their traditional stance.

For all those Republicans that feel disloyal to vote Democrat read the article. I think it will ease your guilt and give you a "get out of jail free card" so to speak.

Ally, this ones for you!

16 June, 2008

House Hunting

Still no house... found a place that would work, but have to overcome the price. It is more than double what I paid for my mortgage. YIKES and it is about 1/4th of the size. Just 1-2 years... I keep telling myself.

I would like to look at a couple of more places... we shall see.

14 June, 2008

Gators... Welcome!

Came in from lounging at the pool. The afternoon rains put a damper on the sun bathing. Okay, I need to shower anyway. Back to the room, grab and towel, turn on the shower... HELLO!

What is this little 2 inch long creature crawling out of the shower drain? Turn on the water and it will get washed down. Now in the shower, shaving my legs. Facial scrub on my face, conditioner in my hair. I am now delicately balancing on my leg in order to shave my right leg. Look down and upon my foot firmly planted on the floor, little alligator! YIKES! Calmly, take washcloth, wrap around little gator. Walk out of shower, open balcony doors and toss outside. I am calm. I just didn't have an alligator on my foot inside the Ritz Carlton!

Have you had your gator today?

13 June, 2008

House Hunting?

As I type this, I am sitting at the Computuer located in Club Level. Club Level is this special floor dedicated to extra special service for those "special" guests. There is a lounge area offering breakfast, snacks, drinks, apps, cordials and the like throughout the day. This service is charged to the room, so it seems like it is a homey environment to come and go.

As I have been in touch with 9 realtors, seen over 10 units, driven around a large metro area, still I have found nothing. It seems Mercury Retrograge has really kicked in and not allowing me to really see anything worth while.

I feel guilty that I am not out searching, pounding pavement if you will, but I have looked. Online I search everything I can. I keep calling realtors and await their call back. It is a frustrating process, but I trod on.

I have a phone call to make and if that proves fruitless, I will go and retire by the pool The past couple of days I stayed by the room waiting for phone calls, not today! I turn it over to the Universe and say, when it is time for me to find a home, I will. I have done all I can with our needs and budget. I now must wait.

As much as it seems the poolside service and sunny weather sounds lavish... it is really difficult to relax knowing I have no place to move my family and that I am at the mercy of others to help me find something.

I will try and relax today....

09 June, 2008

Sunny Florida

Here I am in Sunny Florida, residing at the Ritz Carlton located on Key Biscayne. Basically, I am in paradise, the photos you see of private beaches, grand hotel lobbies, servers bringing you tropical drinks poolside....

We arrived after a 1300 mile drive from Ohio. The drive took us 2 days, as we had 2 cars to bring down with us. We stopped for a night in Savannah, GA. Which just happened to be Hubbie's and my first vacation together.

The weather is pleasant, warm and breezy. The breezy part being key as it keeps the air moving and smelling constantly of salty sea air. What a nice contrast to the yucky stagnant smell of NOLA. It was hot there, but no breeze.

Tomorrow I start my search for a new home. I have made phone calls today to clarify my needs to a Realtor. The weekend, hubbie and I drove around the surrounding areas, trying to get a better idea of what was possible. I have confidence is the realtor. She is my 6th one, and finally was speaking my language in terms of what I was looking for as a mother.

Posts will be sporadic, as I need to use the business center during their hours of operation. But I must say, everyone should experience living in residence at a Ritz Carlton for over 2 weeks. We will be here for 30-45 days. I plan on bringing the boys once our belongings are moved into the new home. Before we check out and move in, I want to let the boys experience the wonder their daddy works for. It is a nice company and they do take care of their valued employees.

We are starting to relax, even though the road ahead is still uncertain.

03 June, 2008


Hubbie drove up the driveway on Sunday evening. It was so nice to see his face and give him a big hug. We unloaded the truck and then went over to my parents' house, where the boys were staying. They ran into his arms and hubbie wept! Just like he did when we were married 8 years ago yesterday. It was a nice moment to see the three of them embrace.

Yesterday we had a large family meal with my extended family. The food was tasty and the company pleasant. When we left, it was hard to say goodbye. Because of choices hubbie and I have made, many lives will be forever changed. This isn't only happening to hubbie, the boys and me, but to all of the extended family. They will no longer see those little faces and big smiles. The next time I see my relatives, they will be older, weathered if you will and that will be sad for me. You tend to see the aging process more when you are away for longer periods of time.

But we move forward and do what is necessary for our children and family.

More when after the long drive down to sunny, hot, did I mention HOT, Florida!