21 September, 2005

A couple more days....

Okay, the big birthday party is almost here! A couple more days and our youngest son will be one year old! Wow, time does fly by, but then again, I couldn't imagine life without V. V is so sweet and calm, very different from our first born, L. L is a burst of light beaming everywhere he goes. Whether or not you want to be in his flood light, you will be there. Loving does describe both of them, but that would be about the extent of their similarities.

There is still more organizing and cleaning up to do. In fact while I type this, my mind is going over what I should be doing instead of typing this blog. Having said that, I must go and do what I need to do, or I will just become more upset at myself for not sticking to the plan. Ever feel that way? Sure you do!


16 September, 2005


You know when there is a big event and you do all of this preparation prior to? Well we are in the throws of such an event, my son's 1st birthday, (my second child). We are having 50 people over to celebrate his first year. This is the prime opportunity to finally complete some of those house projects that never seem to get finished.

We have been cleaning, hanging pictures, rewiring, sprucing up the yard, planting, ordering, shopping etc. It is really exhausting and I wonder why we wait for a huge event to get all of these things done.

The yard looks amazing. We should have done this months ago, so we could enjoy the fruits of our labor longer. The house is so clean you could eat off the window sills! Finally we have pictures on the walls that have been sitting on the floors. Again, why were we waiting to do this?

Sometimes we all need the kick in the rear to get things completed. I hope to learn from this and not let the to do list grow for no reason. The old adage, "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today... ", well it was right.

I realize this entry is a bit on the boring side... but for all of you who have projects hanging out there in limbo, why not complete a couple of them and enjoy the results. Life is about the enjoying the journey, not just looking down at the path you are on.

Take care world!

12 September, 2005

He did it!

There he was, the he being my first born son, L. We hung up his backpack and headed for his classroom. As soon as he entered, he was gone. Happily he joined the others already there playing. He didn't even turn around to see if I was still there. I waited a moment or two, assured that my son was capable and independent, and then called his name, "L, come give mommy a hug and kiss before I go". Thankfully, he heard me, came over with this big smile and quickly complied. Then as soon as I let go, he bounded back to where he was before. I turned with a half smile and walked out of the room. I did walk around to the windows of his classroom as looked on as he was going from one play area to the next. He was completely fine and then it hit, me. The tears welled up in my eyes and chocked my throat.

This was the beginning of many more independent moments. Independence was always my goal in raising him, but it does sting non-the-less when it happens. My son did just what I did to my mother. I took the teacher's hand and walked right in the room saying, "Bye mommy". She gently reminded me of this fact last night. I smiled knowing that my son would do the same.

Raising children does take some strength and tears along the way.

11 September, 2005

New Beginnings

Today was a busy day for our family. We cleaned out the garage, finished some old projects and prepared for our son's first day of Preschool. Tomorrow he will walk into his classroom eyes wide open with anticipation. Mommy and his little brother will be watching, as we hang his over sized backpack, for such a little guy.

Hopefully the only tears tomorrow will be mine. It is hard to believe that crying slippery baby that was placed on my belly arms outstretched ready to embrace his mommy, is now ready to embrace the world. Granted it is Preschool, but to me it is the world.

I guess on the anniversary of such an awful day for America, it is comforting to know that new beginnings are around the corner for so many. Each day brings a new possibility, friend, growth and memory. This is what I hope to pass onto my children the sense of growth.

We humans are capable of such terrific feats, let us not forget our potential and contribution to the world. May we be guided by compassion and love as we make our way through our remarkable existence.

09 September, 2005

First time, be gentle please!

Blogging here I come. Obviously this is my first time blogging. A little scary putting my thoughts out there for anyone to read. However, I am going to take the plunge for a couple of reasons. I find that I need an outlet for my thoughts. Of course one could put those thoughts in a journal and experience the pen to paper sensation, but the idea of sharing those thoughts with the online world is a bit exciting.

Another reason is that I have a lot to say and I would like to have feedback from others who do not know me. It is refreshing to have another person learn who you are for the first time. We all know ourselves inside and out, but to see how others view us, well that is exciting.

Lastly, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I have found I have much to say about Life and the way in which we live it. I want to be heard or at least read and this seemed a good way to start. Who knows where this will take me or you for that matter, but I am willing to see how the journey unfolds.