30 July, 2008

New Place

We are in the middle of unpacking boxes. Remember the earlier post with a stack of cardboard boxes? Finally we are unearthing our belongings of 2 years. They are breathing fresh sea air, as are we. I admit to being happier now that my family is together, our things are in one spot and we are starting to start fresh.

Last week, however was extremely difficult, as the movers here locally were less than professional. Among many disasters was the time I went to see if they were coming off the elevator and as the door opened, 5 boxes tumbled out and on the floor. No wonder I have a list of over 15 things broken, chipped or destroyed.

I finally cooked on my stove this morning. It was filthy! Amazing on how other people percieve what clean is. It took me three times to get the stove in a condition I see fit to prepare food.

Considering it was only one week ago the movers started their two day process, we are making great progress on our place. My plan is to be finished in one week. It will be time to start living our life and finding our groove.

17 July, 2008

Finally, I get my boys back!

It has been exactly 6 weeks today, since I last saw my two little boys. They were packed in my in-laws car on their way to New York, until I was able to settle things in Florida. Finally,I have settled things in Florida and tomorrow morning I fly to NYC to see my angel faces.

I have missed them something awful! I have never been without them for more than a week. These past 6 weeks have really been difficult on me. There were times I didn't feel as if I was a mother. It seemed as though I lost my perspective on my life.

I have been living in a hotel for 6 weeks. My surroundings were not of my choosing, the decor, food, TV selection etc. I hardly see my hubbie, as he leaves at 6:30 am and usually isn't done with work until 9 pm. If he has a day off it is only one a week.

My mind drifted to when I was single and exploring the world. I had a slew of memories drift up from the past and so many moments I had to tell myself about my life. It feels as if this has been one long dream and I am just about to wake up.

I tell you what... I am going to hold onto those little guys for a long time, whether they like it or not! I have warned them that I am going to give them millioni bacioni, a million kisses! When I see them it will hit me hard, on how much I have missed. (Like the big one's birthday, 4th of July, fireworks, riding a two wheeler with no helping wheels, tying ones shoes, reading 6 books of 50 pages or more, winning first place in the field game days with a huge trophey, boogie boarding for real.... I have missed a lot)!

16 July, 2008

The Big Truck

Last week, I was in Ohio wrapping up loose ends. The movers were there packing and loading the huge semi truck with most of our belongings. The items we were not taking, I found loving homes for, until we were ready for them, possibly the next move in a couple of years.

I also went through the house and cleaned it, painted over the markings of use from our boys and just in general made it move in ready. It was strange to be there, but it was nice to know we were starting anew, on our own. I found myself missing my new routine of morning crosswords and afternoon/late night reading.

The Big Truck arrives next week, Wednesday. I have couple of days prior to do a thorough cleaning and some painting. The current color scheme is white, white and more white. I need color and warmth! A couple of well choosen accent walls and we will be on our way.

Life will be coming together soon!