29 November, 2008

The Night Before...

The pie is done and it looks beautiful!!! YEAH finally something made in this oven that wasn't a disaster! The house is clean, floor mopped, laundry done and linens ironed. The food that can be prepared ahead of time is. Tomorrow a couple of things to finish and we are ready to entertain and have our Alternative Thanksgiving Meal.

The boys were very good at helping me clean here and there. They were so happy to clean the bathrooms and use the vacuum. How long with that last???

27 November, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

What a lovely morning it is, the sun is shining, and the nation seems to be more relaxed. We just finishing watching the Macy's Day Parade, in our PJs. Watching the parade brought back memories of last year, when we were there. Truly if you have never done the New York Thanksgiving thing... try to do it at least once in your life. It will fill you with so much joy and amazement of what it was like as a child during the holidays. I wished that we could make it an annual tradition, but with living in Miami this year, the drive is too much right now. Hopefully another year, we can make it again.

The cheesecake finally made it, 75 minutes later! Hopefully this evening everyone will enjoy it, so the effort will have been worthwhile. I have some last minute ironing to do and then a shower and off on our merry way.

The boys and I will drive an hour to the in-laws, enjoy the festivities there. Our plan was to spend the night and make our way back tomorrow at a leisurely pace. I have some final shopping to do tomorrow on our way back and another room to dust and vacuum. Saturday we will clean the Bathrooms and prepare the food for Sunday. Sunday will be our big Thanksgiving Day Meal.

May all of you and yours find this holiday season filled with love, companionship, support, and magik! Only the best this holiday season. We all have been through many trials and tribulations these past couple of years and it is time to settle down, reconnect and remember the our spirit. We have much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

26 November, 2008

Still Cooking....

Okay, the Cheesecake is still in the oven, an hour and 10 minutes later... UGH! I hate this stove and landlords that think it is fine when clearly it doesn't work properly! I popped in my muffins, because it is already 9:45 pm and I still have to bake my bread! Ugh Ugh UGH UGH!

The boys are vacuuming, maybe they will sleep late tomorrow morning... that would truly be something to be thankful for!

Hopefully this Cheesecake will be okay.

Day before Turkey

Okay, here I am, not cooking tomorrow, but I am bringing the dessert. I figure, I have all night to bake my famous Pumpkin Cheesecake. NYC Gal Pal, will remember it was tasty last year, until it ended up in the garbage, pan and all after the drunken fest we attended!

Sunday I will make my alternative Thanksgiving. You know how each year there are these wonderful new recipes that you want to try, but never do, because it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the old standards??? Well I created a tradition where we have another excuse to eat turkey and make all those yummy side dishes no one has the guts to make on Thanksgiving. This way I avoid the comments like "this isn't like my mother's or like my family's, it doesn't taste like Thanksgiving". Just another meal of celebration with family, friends and really good food.

Here is my menu:
Cranberry Cocktail
Herb Cheese Crostini
Citrus Stuffed and Scented Roast Turkey (homage to living in the land of Citrus)
Chestnut Dressing
Cooked Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin, Cheese Cooked Pudding
Braised Broccoli Rabe
Orange Scented Rolls
Indian Pudding
Pumpkin Caramel Pie

Maybe it isn't too different, but there are no cornflakes in my dressing! I will have plenty of cornflakes at my in-laws tomorrow. I never did understand, cornflakes! Being Italian, this never factored into our cooking, or eating for that matter.

Let me paint the scene today... dust lies on every single surface of our house, dusty floors, carpets that are shedding their wool, clutter on all the tables in the house, boys room is complete disarray (well I did help out that situation by moving furniture around), boxes of items that need to be taken to a resale shop or goodwill, a desk with has too much loose paper strewn about and bathrooms that are starting to grow hair. At least the laundry is done. I need to clean, finish shopping and prepare my meal, cook my desserts and pack the overnight bag for tomorrow night. Lots to do and I would prefer to veg out and do nothing.

The bug will hit me and I will eventually get it done... eventually.

24 November, 2008

Something Fun

Walking Madonna

Walking Madonna

[via FoxyTunes / Madonna]

As a Madonna fan, I was doing a little surfing and then I happened upon this photo. Just struck me and I liked it. Anyone know what or where this piece is in the world???

23 November, 2008

The List

Here is the list of projects that need attention:

Poncho for niece's birthday
Finish matting mermaid picture and put in frame
Sew L some PJ's
Learn to really knit, not just practice
Finish reading A New Earth
Get a handle on this bread recipe/routine
Create L's and V's first year photo album
Download all video's on DVD's for home movie
Shampoo carpets and upholstered furniture
Make the headboard to my bed
Send holiday cards
Finish holiday shopping and sending
Resolve the credit card crunch and get a firm plan on how to pay it off
Sew burp clothes for sister in law's new baby
Condition my leather sofa
Get up to date on the financial books for a client of mine
Get my financial books done so we may file early next year
Write down more of "my Story" sexual abuse survivor of female incest
Relearn to play clarinet for the boys to see
Teach the boys to play recorder and hand bells
Get physical and loose these darn 10-15 pounds...
Do yoga at least one a week
Remember to be mindful
Try to lower voice more....

Well you get the idea. I have a lot of things that I want to do and at times I tackle one or two of these ideas. But them something else pops up and I go in another direction. We all have these lists, but what is the key to getting them done? Is it that important that they are completed? Sometimes, it isn't the right time to complete a certain idea. It seems the idea needs to bake more... Oh well, I am learnig to live with things that are waiting for the right time and motivation combination.

Happy Day!

18 November, 2008

Movie Night Surprise Emotions

Usually on Fridays, I let the boys pick a movie, pop the popcorn and call it movie night! This is something we started to keep us together as a family, spend very little money and have something to do. Most of the movies we watched were from the Library and they boys really looked forward to choosing a new movie. In a blue moon, we would actually rent a movie either at blockbuster or on demand.

Last Friday was one of those times, when we rented an on demand movie. I picked, because lately, we have been having a hard time compromising on the movie. V always wants a certain movie, L is tired of watching said movie and on the freak occurrence that hubbie is home, we pushes for Star Wars and I am just not ready to let the boys watch it.

I picked to solve all of these issues and I chose, Kit Kittredge. The boys were not so thrilled until it got going and they saw boys in the movie. As we were watching this touching tale of an American Girl make her way through the Depression, I started crying at all the similarities to our life.

Many families are having a hard time making it financially. Foreclosures are at an all time high, people are losing their jobs left and right, families that once had, have nothing and we are seeing in increase in robberies etc.

Then I looked deeper....Because the father lost his job, he left for another town, in another state to look for work. Hubbie did the same thing.. he left Ohio for Boston, Mass. We were without our hubbie and daddy for almost 3 months. Once this happened, we didn't pay rent and I was hoping we wouldn't be kicked out of our home. I was warned that I couldn't stay rent free for too long... so this was a worry for me. I had my two boys and hubbie in Boston. It was awful looking back. At the time, I think I was in a state of shock, because I really didn't feel it all that much. I did what I had to do not knowing the next step.

When the father came home in the movie, he swung his little girl in the air and I looked over at hubbie knowing how he wept holding his two boys. Never in a million years did I expect to cry watching this movie. But in a way, I am glad to have had the opportunity to look back on our choices and see how it all worked out.

We are now together, with our belongings which make it feel like our life. Hubbie has a job that is very secure with a stable company. He has a promising future in a world that doesn't feel much in the way of recessions or depressions. Again, a choice we made because of the economy. We actually choose the secure job, instead of the one with the prestige and 20K bonus.

Now we only have one more thing to release so we can move forward and that is the Alpaca Business. If only there was someone who had a farm and wanted to raise Alpacas, we would be able to move on.

Times are tough and we all need to hold onto what is important. Kit Kittredge helped remind me of the important decisions hubbie and I made for our family. There is a side lesson too, in that even the least among us is important. A nice lesson to learn about treating all people with respect.

14 November, 2008

Overwhelming Inspiration!

Each and every time I click on a link to another blog, I am astounded by the creativity, thoughtfulness and vitality of the blogger/composer. At every link there is another amazing woman, another amazing mother, another amazing earth healer, another amazing "creative"... The blogs don't stop and they take me all over the world!

I have been sharing with my friends this discovery and urging them to take some time to just take a peak, gain insight, follow one or two on a weekly basis and let the nurturing begin.

Unfortunately, I hear, I don't have time, I am too busy, I work full time, I have other things to do. I understand we all have things to do in our lives, even those of us who don't work full time. Each demand is precious. But I also know a little something about prioritizing and realigning a seemingly busy schedule.

For example: I am blown away by a dear friend who works full time, runs a major grants program of a state, enjoys several crafty hobbies, mothers a sweet little guy, cares for a zoo in her house, has several after work commitments, actively works on her marriage, is the bread winner in her home and still manages an online life that leaves me in the dust! Where she finds the time to accomplish her daily life? Honestly, I don't know. But it is apparent she has found a need to prioritize her activities in such a way to accomplish each and every aspect of her life like a woven tapestry. Each thread is important and has a time to be used, woven in if you will. She has always been a major influence in my life as she brings much to think about and lots to love.

So the point? Each and every one of us has the time to look around online, read a bit here and there. Each one of us can learn a new thing or two, gain a new friend, share a comment, find a solution. It all boils down to prioritizing, refocusing our energy and time management.

Now that I have said my peace, just take a look around on the blogs I have selected on the side bar. Each one of them will have links to other blogs and then the world starts to open up like a magic ball! There is so much to view, so much to read and it overwhelms me with emotion and excitement!

The common thought I have with each and every blog.. is how graced I am to be part of a group of women that believe so strongly in raising the world with compassion. We are all earth healers, taking one step after the next for a better life. You see it in each embroidered stitch, each flea market find, each recipe for a home cooked meal, each budget tip to reuse shopping bags or make your own, each parenting solution that worked for them, each trauma they reveal for inner healing, each kind word they say about another in an effort to make the world a gentler place.

You see, it is the small actions among us that accumulate which make the impact. One day at a time, one kind word, one small step, one change of a habit, one blog, yes one by one we are healing Mother Earth.

12 November, 2008

Seven Questions...

Here is a series of questions to invoke thought. Gathered by a lovely mom at commonplace.

Seven things I did before...
Went to the movies, ate out ALOT, went to Borders Book Store for hours, worked full time in a fairly important job, had money to spare, traveled freely, went for facials.

Seven things I do now...
Blog, crochet, look forward to grocery shopping at Fresh Market or Whole Foods, Watch Jon and Kate plus 8, take bike rides, homeschool, budget.

Seven things I would like to do...
Eliminate Debt, write some books, get a PhD, exercise and lose 15 pounds, have enough money to buy organic clothing exclusively, travel the world with my children and hubbie, speak more Italian.

Seven things that attract me to my hubbie...
His dimples, his creative side, his large forearms, his hearty laugh, his smell, his passion for food and music, his easy going nature.

Seven things I say most often...
Do you know how much I love you?, clean your room, practice your piano, it is time to go to sleep, one - two - three, go over there(it is a sleep thing), I love you and be safe.

A little bit child focused, but I am a momma now, so what do you expect?

10 November, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Well, I am trying to get myself in gear. Post election, has got me looking for that next "something", which should be my personal goals. Alas, I am floundering for some reason. I have so many ideas that I want to explore and see what can come from them. But honestly, until the Alpaca's sell it is hard to feel like I can move forward. It is such a weight pulling us backwards. Financially, it is draining us and truly it needs to go away already!

So here is to getting back in the saddle, more to come....

07 November, 2008

Obama Reaches Out

Check out this site. If you really want to be heard, or make a difference in this government, check it out.

Looking forward to seeing what really can happen in our country, a country for the first time, I am PROUD of.

05 November, 2008

Tears of Hope, Promise, Joy and Jubilation!

Barack Obama did it with our help. What a great day for minorities, for Democrats, for America, for the world! What an awesome, monumental, thrilling event for American History. I am so proud to be an American. For me, this is a huge statement. I have never once made this statement in my life. But finally, a turning point in our country has been made.

I cried for all those who fought for this day, I cried for the change that took place. I cried for shear joy that I made a difference!

Universe bless us all as we move forward together, united and set on a course for wholeness.

04 November, 2008

So Ohio Goes... The Election!

As a former Buckeye, I am SOOOO excited! We have our new President at 10:30 pm election day. Once again, I send out a prayer, please protect the newly elected President and his family. Bring them peace, good judgment and prosperity for our nation!

Thank God this is over and we have a new leader with different views that are more in line with mine. No more feeling embarrassed about our leader! A leader that will be able to pronounce words, make coherent statements. Someone who is actually educated!

My boys will grow up knowing that Presidents can have different colored skin. This is truly a milestone in our development as a nation.


Election Day!

As I sent in my absentee ballot already, today is not very exciting for me personally. However, I will be glued to the TV around 7pm tonight to start watching the early numbers. It is happening... something new is in the air and it is a historical election. Wow and my children are living through this history!

Remember when we were growing up, all the Presidents and VPs looked the same? I remember when JFK was the big coup, as a Catholic! This is a wonderful moment for America. I just pray that we all see it this way and look to a new horizon of hope, promise and dreams of fulfillment.

Universe please bless the new elected officials, so they will bring about positive change, understanding and a greater America for the world. Please help all American's understand that we are united and created equal. Please help those who are closed minded to have an open heart of compassion. Truly I pray this is a great day in American History we were can walk hand in hand with our heads held high...

03 November, 2008

CNN, MSNBC, Going to bed at 1am....

Well it is the eve of our country's big day. Tomorrow a new President will be elected. Change will come to the USA. Will it be conservative change forced to go beyond their comfort zone to dig us out of their traditional values... or will it be change from a liberal desire tempered by a desire to bring the country together?

I pray my guy wins... because I think it will bring about the change this country needs and the change that will be accepted the world over. Then once tomorrow goes to bed, I may get some more shut eye. I have been staying awake watching the news channels and yes sometimes I go to Fox... why I don't know, but it is interesting to see what they are talking about. (Did anyone see the Huckabee interview with Bill Maher and Richard Dreyfuss)?

Well, in any event, I plan on going to sleep at 11 pm starting Wednesday.