29 August, 2008

Woman Rising to the Top

The GOP announcement makes me proud to be a woman. Sarah Palin is chose as the GOP VP Nominee. I am excited to see that woman are reaching the top of our countries political contest. I just wish it was Hillary with the Democrats, still, I know.

However, I also see the sneakiness of the republicans to deliberately take away women voters with their choice. It is obvious why they made the choice they made. It does beg the following question...? "Is their opinion of women voters so low, that they think we are easily manipulated? By putting a woman on their ticket, it will blind us to the fast they do not support many of the issues near and dear to a woman's heart"? Talk about insulting our intelligence!

WOMEN, I say to you, "Vote for the party that has our values in mind, our families protected, our gender respected, our wages equalized, our children's education improved and our morals at heart". We all know this has been traditionally a Democratic view.

We shall see just how well the women of this country stand their moral ground. We are smarter than people perceive us and we are stronger than given credit for. Again, I say look at the example of Hillary Clinton. She is a strong woman, intelligent, mindful and full of passion, commitment and ideals.

28 August, 2008

Proud to be an American!

Words I thought I would never say. I watched the Democratic National Convention for the past 4 days. As I would have loved Hillary to take the podium tonight, I must admit, I am so pleased with Obama as our Candidate.

Hearing the words, the endorsements, the analysts, I just thought, "WOW, this is really happening. A black man is going to take the ticket to the final vote. We as a country did this, we made this happen, we are coming together to create change!"

Tears were in my eyes, so many people, their faces transfixed on this man, a man who is promising hope, dreams and change. This country needs to improve and yes, we will bring "Change to Washington".

For the first time ever, I can honestly say "I am proud to be an American". It was clear on why I was never proud before, because in my lifetime, I never felt the grassroots movements make it to the hill. Tonight, I see the people going to the hill and the hill being forever changed.


27 August, 2008

Mother's Work

What is mother's work? Is it the washing of clothes, making of food, cleaning of living space, monitoring TV time and content, wiping of tears, setting limits, keeping the peace between siblings, keeping daddy in line, paying the bills, stocking the cupboards etc.? Well I feel like I have been doing it all and then some. Today alone, I managed the park, bike ride, post office, homeschool developed curriculum, 3 hours of lessons both 1st grade and preschool, then I had the lovely privilege of typing up all of my husbands recipes. I have been helping him out with his work projects, critical path, menus, recipes etc.

It is never done the work of a woman. I am so proud of how far we have come in that we have more ability to choose what we want for our lives, our family's and so forth. What a thrill to see Hillary Clinton last night talk and inspire the vote. She came so close. What will be next for her?

I guess mother's work is keeping it together. We are the glue that connects all the pieces.

21 August, 2008

Sweet Tooth

In the midst of unpacking, organizing, finding storage space saving solutions... I made 3 batches of ice cream. First batch never cured properly, and after feeling sick about all the expensive ingredients I just wasted, I made certain the next two were correct.

2nd batch was my version of Mexican Mocha. Yummy and I added nuts to the second container at the end, which worked out very well. 3rd batch was for hubbie. He loves Salty Caramel, so I decided I would try my hand at it. But I added Marscapone Cheese in substitute for some of the cream. Buonissimo! Truly this worked out well. The boys are happy to help me create the ice cold creamy treats.

Of course I took no pics to entice your taste buds. I have to get better at taking pictures for the posting. But Hey I Just MOVED!


20 August, 2008

Mothers and Mothering

This past week, I have been reflecting on the position of mothers and the act of mothering. We all have a mother, a woman that gave us life. Some of our mothers helped us grow, nurtured us and gave us a mothering touch. Some of our mothers were detached and weren't able to be a mother to us.

Recently a dear friend of mine said her farewells to her mother. She had a mother that wasn't able to "mother". Of course her situation is full of mixed emotions and issues that she will need to find peace with.

2 other friends also have mothers that have been less that the mothering type. They continually have to figure out the relationship and the limits of their interactions.

Another friend lost her mother at a young critical age. She has grown up with a strong sense of what her mother is to her in memory. And yet another friend has figured out a way to find the beauty in her mother, even if it came after 35 years of struggle.

Each of us deals with our mother issues, what we liked, hated, needed, wanted etc. I deal with my own struggles. I never liked my mom as a child. I felt as if she was just a caretaker in many ways. Did the things that needed to be done and I accepted it. I didn't have that lovely dovey relationship. When I went to college, I found my mom to be a friend. She and I created a bond that was strong and reliable. I was grateful for that opportunity and I saw beauty in her I never did before.

These past two years the relationship crumbled to the ground and shattered all that was around it. We both were wounded and still harboring scares and residual wounds. I hear it every time we talk. When I hear a touch of tenderness in her voice or words, it hurts my heart, for I remember how close we were and now how fragmented we are.

Our mothers play such a crucial role in our lives. Profound in how they leave their marks, beyond the belly button.

As a mother, I am determined to be a person that offers love, support, guidance, limits and silliness to my children. I want them to feel safe around me no matter what the situation. When I die, I want them to know I am in their hearts and live through their actions. I don't want them to be sad, or happy, but at peace knowing I was their mother and they will always have me.

18 August, 2008

Checking In

Okay it is our first real threat of bad hurricane like weather, Tropical Storm Fay. Again, the irony is not lost on me here, being the name of my husband's Granny who lived in Florida. Not once did my parent's or siblings call on me to see if we were okay. Is it they are not watching any TV? Is it they figured I would call? Is it they are just so busy to check in on us? Hmmm, once again, I learn to not have expectations and rely on myself. I am the matriarch. I will need to become the woman I want to be and create the lineage downward. My influence will be felt going forward, not back. As I know I need to "get" this, I am still amazed at how it all plays out.

Speaking of family stuff, a dear friend of mine, has been going through an emotionally draining situation. I send her my prayers and peace. Please give a positive thought as well.

Thank you.

06 August, 2008

One Box at a Time

The boxes are dwindling down...it seems the cardboard is starting to disappear. The only boxes that really need to be dealt with are those waiting for the bookcase, on order, and the boxes that need to be sorted through for the storage closet.

I have cleaned, sorted and organized all the other items in this little space. Tonight, my cousin arrives from Cleveland. He is buying our truck and will drive it back this weekend. I wanted the house to be somewhat organized so we weren't tripping over ourselves.

Tomorrow, we will play and visit South Beach, grab lunch and relax. The boys and I deserve to take a break and enjoy life. Friday the bookcase arrives and we will deal with the last 15 boxes then.

Oh I forgot the artwork needs to be hung, but truly that is the final task. Like I said, one box at a time.

02 August, 2008

Mac -n- Cheese

I did it! I finally cooked lunch for the first time since...June 4th! Living in the hotel for 7 weeks, did have its perks, but it also left me wanting to cook my own food. Today, for lunch, we ate macaroni and cheese. The boys were thrilled and for a kick I served a side of fresh tomatoes. Fancy!?

As we sat and ate, it was nice knowing I did it, I finally was able to get to a place of normalcy. This is what I am striving for, normalcy in our daily lives. Hopefully one more week of sorting, organizing, unpacking and it will be all done. Then onto better things like Homeschooling!

Life never stops, does it? When one thing is over, another begins. But I am thankful for the direction, the course of action and the opportunity to do it all with my children as we go through life together. We are making memories and living our lives on our terms, for the most part.