28 September, 2008

Photos, Birthday Wrap UP Part 2

Getting the sewing machine out. NOTE: never used this machine before, haven't sewn in...years...

The end product
Embroidery Detail.. (Never done that before)!

More Details, some of his favorite things, Trains and Drums

The Inside

Viola, it is completed!

V, the last day of his life at age 3.

Happy boy turns 4, with Crown!

Now, let's move onto the ice cream and cake! Chocolate is V's favorite flavor. We used a gelato recipe. Only milk, half and half, cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch. I added a little instant coffee, pinch of salt and some vanilla.

The "FIRST" cake, look at how high the eggs foamed up and the batter looks yummy, all organic, high end ingredients... the best for my little guy (of course, in less then 10 minutes this gorgeous cake was burnt to a crisp and hard as a rock).

Okay so the cake that was finally made took the shape of a T REX, and it HAD to be RED, well I tried on both accounts. Not a professional cake maker, but even my Executive Chef Hubbie had great things to say!

Did you check out the claws??? The cake ended up being a bag mix, all Organic, Gluten Free etc. The frosting is a Mocha Butter Cream with natural food coloring. Extras, were sprinkles from Organic ingredients, and of Course Organic Raspberries. I must say, it was pretty tasty!

27 September, 2008

Birthday Wrap Up

Well, my baby turned 4 this past week. It was fun to celebrate his birthday as he was very much into the celebration. I made him a crown, dinosaur cake and a banner. Help from big brother was appreciated! In the middle of this birthday extravaganza... I had to also deal with the Alpacas. We were enjoying a lot of crafting, creativity and then boom... the alpaca business had to come and just put a damper on things.

I haven't had time to download the photos of our creativity, because I have been signing new contracts, making transport arrangements and dealing with reducing an over inflated invoice. Yeah, I know mercury is in retrograde... I should have known things were going array!

In fact, I baked 2 cakes... the first one burned in 10 minutes. The oven we are using is faulty; just "one" of the reasons why I don't like renting, then I made another cake, which also burned, just not as bad. I was able to salvage the 2nd cake. So Mercury came in like a lion I tell ya, letting me know he was here.

I give and just want to play nice! Promise fun photos for next post of all our creative endeavors this past week.

21 September, 2008

Creative Sounds

Currently listening to Theresa Andersson. The boys and I were listening to NPR the other day and really liked what she was doing. The fact that she does it all, the singing, the instruments is pretty amazing! Check her out.

Plus it is not lost on us that she is making her mark from New Orleans. This is the part of NOLA that we miss, the eclectic nature of creativity. Nice to remember NOLA in this manner.

20 September, 2008

Media Influence

Please watch this link.... I have been streaming all morning and finally there is a media outlet that is pro OBAMA! GO OBAMA!

Heart Vs. Money... Politics as I see it. ...

Talking with a friend last night, we hit upon this idea of the intelligence of the American People. My friend is hopeful that the American People will make an intelligent, compassionate choice in November. As much as I would like to believe her, I am worried the GOP ploys will persuade many Americans. It seems the more I listen to the different party philosophies, the more it strikes me how the parties lie along educational intelligence. There are many Americans that are not as open to ideas, changes, different points of view. They are limited in their capacity to learn and expand. What do I mean?

A Democratic mind seems to be more open to ideas and possibilities, not bound or restricted. They don't play on rigid fears as much as the other party. They are more tolerant/accepting of differences and have come to these ideals through a series of educated encounters allowing for learning moments.

Most Republicans I meet, as concerned about rigid rules, strict adherence to religious beliefs, which are limited in scope and do not allow for the "other". There seems to be an underlying ignorance to the "other" that prevails. I attribute this to lack of education, or intellectual exposure.

Now, I have not been a registered voter until 2004. I have had many opportunity to witness FIRST HAND, how the government works, met many a politician in my day and was a granddaughter of a beloved City Mayor who did many wonderful things. I am no stranger to the world of politics, but quite frankly, the more and more I learn, observe and sort through, I see these two parties in terms that I see most college campuses. Most students arrive with their preconceived notions of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ageism, religious beliefs, albeit instilled by their parents/family members.

Most of these students are very rooted in these beliefs at age 18/19. Once they start to interact with the "other", they start to learn how similar people are and they start to grow out of prejudices and into a tolerant space. Some of these students even progress to flat out acceptance of the "other" allowing the "other" to disappear into togetherness.

I see many Republicans in this initial phase of development: us against them attitudes. These really don't change until the "mes" grow into the "wes". One this happens we see all people are valued and we are more similar than different. Democrats are in inclusive party, while it seems the Republican's are restrictive and only really support those will a lot of money or those with extreme Christian values. I see it as a restrictive party, not inclusive or embracing. So many people fall through the cracks and haven't we seen enough of that?

Again, these are my observations among the media, my day to day interactions with people who don't know what I am, my interactions with friends and family. I used to think of the parties in this manner...

If each party had a symbol it would be the following:

Republicans = $
Democrats = Hearts

I always thought this way long before I got to the point of registering. I think right now we need some heart and compassion running this country, because trying to rule it following the almighty dollar has led us astray!

16 September, 2008

HFCS, high fructose corn syrup OUTRAGE!

I recently was listening to a commercial that stopped me dead in my tracks... Have you seen the one about High Fructose Corn Syrup? Basically if you haven't the idea is that it is natural, made from corn. Everything in moderation right???

WRONG! Let's start with this...
The same amount of calories as sugar or honey, the same sweetness (if using the one type of HFCS) as sugar/honey. Why use it at all then, if it truly is the same as sugar or honey?

Did we mention it involves a chemical process to create?

Did we even consider the source of corn used? Let's expand... corn in this country is Genetically Modified, unless Organic. Genetically Modified foods are banned in some parts of Europe! Do you think they know a little something about food nutrition?

Did we also consider our tax dollars are used as Farms Subsidies. There is a surplus of corn and we are funding this surplus. Corn sells for less than it is produced. Those who buy corn are not paying full price, the rest of the cost comes from our tax dollars. Who is buying the corn up by the globs? Those companies that produce high volume processed foods that use, you guessed it, HFCS! Soda companies, you know who they are, the snack food industry, you also know who they are!

Even if you don't choose to buy HFCS, you are in essence supporting the production in your tax dollars that are given to the farmers to keep the costs low so the junk food industry can buy it cheaply. Of course since this "food" is really "high quality" they also charge us an arm and leg for it! What a scam!

Now let's tackle the health argument. HFCS has been identified as causing health issues especially in those with risk factors of diabetes.

Whoopi Goldberg said on the View that if we want to tackle the obesity in our country, ban HFCS. I actually watched that show and applauded her bravery. Now if everyone else in this country would take note and demand the FDA to ensure our food sources are real, whole and truly beneficial for our bodies, then we might have a fighting chance for a longer life without health complications.

There is a grocery store in Seatle that has banned HFCS. Why doesn't Whole Foods do the same??? Anyone ever notice they sell Tofutti Cuties and other products containing HFCS? In fact when I emailed Ben & Jerry's about HFCS in Cherry Garcia, their response was "They have no control over the added ingredients to make the signature flavors..."are you kidding me, did I hear you correctly"?

If you think I am off my rocker, then check out this clip online.

My son had this comment to say about the state of our food supply in the US of A...

"Mommy, when I grow older, I want to be president. Then I can make sure all the people who make food do it the real way. This way our food will be real and healthy and not fake and bad for us."

13 September, 2008

Violence and Boys

Today I took the boys to Pottery Barn for a photo op with Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper and an Ewok. My eldest is very much into the Star Wars theme, even though he has never watched an entire movie before.

I personally believe it is a little too old for him. My husband doesn't put much thought into it and would sit and watch the entire saga with both boys. L is 6 and V is 4.

L was so proud and thrilled to be standing with Darth Vader directly behind him as he posed for his picture. V, well he was clinging to my leg and refused to budge. It was too scary, which reinforces my stance.
Philosophically, I oppose all toy guns, lazars, knives etc. Anything that is used for violence or to harm another I do not allow my children to have. But they take their race track and use it as a sword, or their drum sticks and use as a lazar. The best is when they make a gun out of their mega blocks and try to tell me it is a ice cream maker, once I enter the room. Is it in their blood, this need to shoot, lance an object?

Am I being silly for not allowing these types of toys in my home? Are we just too oppressive to allow these movies? Let's face it Jurassic Park is no kids show either. Both boys have seen that one, thanks to my dad, and now have nightmares of their beloved Dino's coming to eat them.

Back in the day, boys looked forward to their gun and holster set to play cowboys and indians. As I think we have come a long way from those stereotypes, I wonder if my viewpoint will just create a greater curiosity.

So dispite my inclings to stay home and clean, I ventured out with the boys to Pottery Barn and made L's day. He was truly excited and just so happy to have had that experience.

The question is "How do we teach peace, acceptance, diversity openess, negotiation, respect and love for human kind without showing them the evils of the world so they know what they are striving for"?

09 September, 2008

Bicycle Bliss

I have been on my hubbie to ask for a bike for his birthday. The boys are getting to the great age of bicycling and I have this wonderful image of us taking family bike ride. Well finally my prayers were answered!

As we sold our second vehicle, we had a great excuse to look for an alternative form of transportation. Truthfully, he could walk to work, but having a bike would cut the commute down from 20 mins to 5 mins.

Sunday we bought the bike and Monday we took the boys out to explore our Island. There is a park system at the end of the Island with an Historical Lighthouse. We were worried about V, as his legs are so little and the peddling would be endless, but we all made it! Thinking we were out for a 5-7 mile ride round trip? Not sure, but we did it and as I would look at us on our bikes, I was so happy.

Do you know when you have this image in your head and you long for the day to make it a reality? Well yesterday was my day to see my dream come true. We made it and I look forward to many more Bicycle Blissful Days.

04 September, 2008

VP Suggestion

Okay, I have much to say regarding the upcoming election. However this post is a mere suggestion. Both VP picks should be announced the same day in the same hour/venue. It seems Palin was chosen in a reaction to Obama not choosing Hillary. If Hillary was the VP pick, we would not see Palin this week. She would have remained in Alaska hunting moose and taking care of her state. Among other things that I will not go into as I am just upset that this is the woman, others are looking up to. As if she embraces the same issues as Hillary! Ha that is laughable!

Again, my suggestion to really see what these candidates are made of, choose a VP and stick with it and do it according to your true needs, not because you are reacting.

This is going to be a close race and it really shouldn't be. The Dems should have wrapped this up weeks ago, but for some reason it doesn't seem as if it will be that easy.

I will leave it at that, because the rest of my commentary is not well thought out at this moment.

01 September, 2008

These are a few of my Favorite Things...

Not only do I love the movie "Sound of Music", but I do have a few of my favorite things. Of course the three boys are at the top of my list, but here are a few more that made me happy.

A painting from my Godmother and Aunt. She is a talented artist, that has lost her inner muse. I was able to spark the creation of this Angel, I feel blessed.

This is a tooth fairy pillow. I hope to make one for V. I just think it is great!

Demitri a Guardian Angel from New Orleans. My husband actually listened to me one day while out shopping. He later gifted it to me months later!
A flea market find, this was an old wooden lamp post. I had visions of this item in many different carnations. However, for the time being it is a creative guide post. Sparking new life with the Butterflies. (It still has the price tag on it; I think I will keep that feature. Don't know why, it just makes me happy!)

Elvis Bust. Hmmm, well I am a fan and I do love "Busts". So when I saw this over 15 years ago, it made sense. I still love it.

My lady... thanks, allyo!

A Berry Bowl. Not thrilled about the style of it, but the idea of it is something I am very keen on.

Okay, not the actual CD holder, but the fact that I alphabetized the entire collection, by category! It is this kind of behavior that gives me extreme satisfaction.

A little red school desk. I purchased this in New Orleans before I had my first son. I saw it at a salvage yard with a dear Friend. My father made it look like new, but it is a piece of NOLA that I will have where my son was born.

More organized shelves... hee hee

Feet, I love the boys' feet. I have no idea why, but they just tickle me when I see them.