31 January, 2010

Honoring the Full Moon

I have made a commitment for 2010, to honor the full moon.  II want to live more in a rhythmic pattern of cycles.  For so long, I have been a planner and I would live my life from completed project/event to the next one.  The timing of events was always sporadic and never consistent.   

We hear/read so much about seasonal foods, living day to day, celebrations, festivals and such.  But we plan for the 3-5 year strategy to get us ahead of the game.  (Anyone remember being locked in a room for a weekend developing the Strategic Plan)?  If this is how we are planning, how does it allow for the day to day or week to week?  We are only celebrating the highlights of the Milestones we hit on our Project Plan. 

Living seasonally, has always appealed to me, because it let the body know what to expect for the following 3 months.  Growing up in Ohio, we had the perfect 3 month seasonal calendar that following all the learning books when it came time to explain the 4 seasons.  We always played hard in the summer, sweating and eating ice cream.  Then the fall came and put on our turtlenecks, socks and flannel shirts to romp in the leaf houses or huge leaf piles.  Winter came with great anticipation of the first snow fall, the house filled with cookie baking and the Christmas Carols as we decorated our tree.  Spring came in the nick of time, as we craved warmth, new birth and Easter was the perfect celebration of everything pastel, new and fresh! 

I have since moved away from the idyllic seasonal calendar and now I live in eternal summer it seems.  I loved summer as a child, because it meant ice cream and my birthday.  But now I find myself craving all of the other seasons more, because my body is going without. 

What is a girl to do???

Well to start I am going to embrace living week to week and finding celebrations to ground us in every month.  Through Wicca and Waldorf, (sorry if this upsets people to use in the same sentence, but if you were to be offended, you would have left my blog a long time ago), I found a common theme.  Festivals and earth ceremonies seem to happen at least once a month.  If we focus as a family to celebrate at least once a month, it will fully ground us in the present month.  No more 3-5 year plans, but monthly celebrations and weekly planning for us. 

Honoring the Full Moon allows us the opportunity at least once a month and each Full Moon has a special name and focus for the year. I like this as it seems natural, rhythmic and something the entire family can do. 

On Dec. 31st, we gathered on the beach after a lovely warming eclectic meal with friends.  We sat in a circle and annointed one another as we thanked the Blue Moon for her graces and then made statements of what we wanted to improve. 

Last night, as it was just L, V and me, we marched down to the beach, said a very simple 4 line prayer, held hands in a circle and thanked the moon and asked for protection.  It was the biggest and brightest full moon we will see this year and it is called the Wolf Moon. 

Even if our celebration was small, it allowed us to pause for a moment to honor something outside of ourselves.  We acknowledged the existance of a greater power and connected to it, to better understand the Universe.  (Yes, I agree religion is also meant to do accomplish this, but for our family, we want more connection to our natural environment as well). 

Maybe we all could pause more throughout the year and celebrate the rhythmic patterns around us to heighten our awareness of the beautiful life we have been given.  A gift has been given to us all, how are you using it?

24 January, 2010

Weekly Rhythms

Read a great post this beautiful morning.  The mommy mentions the parenting focus for the week and that got me thinking....

I like to plan, it is my natural rhythm.  Maybe this penchant for planning was due in part to being any only child for 6 years and having to make my own play.  I really loved this about my childhood; I would plan elaborate housing scenes and play all day long.  It was terrific!  Remember making tents in the house with every spare blanket and then some in the house?  I was the queen of this, truly. 

In any event, planning comes naturally to me and in my 20's it got the better of me, as the expectations set sooo high, were unattainable.  Then there was this big push to live in the moment day to day.  I tried very hard, but had such a hard time doing that.  I felt unable to live by this simple statement of day to day.  What was wrong with me that I couldn't do that??? 

So with these past few months, I have focused on finding the rhythm of our family.  It occurred to me after reading this post, that my natural rhythm is to plan.  However, I like what was said here in terms of a parenting focus for the week.  BINGO!  That was the magic word, week.  I think that letting go of grand plans that may or may not materialize is good, but having smaller attainable plans/goals is good, at least for me.  I am going to apply my natural skill at planning for weekly time chunks.  I think it is truly the way to go for me and it allows me to do what I do well, but not take it so seriously. 

22 January, 2010


My mother called me last week to inform me that my highschool class is organizing the big 20th reunion.  I am on the short list of those classmates they can't find.  HA!  Then my only contact from highschool also emailed me to say I was one of the "lost" names on their list. 

You know for being "lost", I feel very much found!  My thoughts are I am doing what I need to do for my life and I am very full in terms of living my life the way it needs to be lived.  If I wanted to remain close, I would have done so.  I certainly don't need a reunion to remind me of people that I missed and wanted to be friends with again. 

Maybe some would think I am a bit down on reunions, but truly, I am a person who lives my life with no regrets.  When I make friends I make friends.  I am loyal to my friends as they are loyal to me.  When it is time to part it is time to part and new people come across our path.  Such is life, the entire cycle of renewal.  I accept this and move on each day.

These are my thoughts on reunions and truly we should never let our relationships lapse in need of a reunion.  If the relationship is important, then it is important and it will be maintened through many years, regardless of life experiences and choices. 

I may have graduated a Cloverleaf Colt, but that was a small time in my life which doesn't define me.  My life is very much full of so many experiences before and since highschool graduation. 

15 January, 2010

Power of Prayer

I have read several blogs regarding their efforts to raise money, awareness and support for Haiti.   If you are like me and live on a very tight budget with little to give, then I encourage you to pray.  This costs nothing but your time and intention.  The prayer can be simple or involved.  The power of prayer is amazing and has been proven to do so much good. 

I encourage you to find a prayer to reach out to Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  Recognizing the God/Goddess can bring about amazing miracles if we allow it. 

13 January, 2010

Family Bed

In reading a post by Soule Mama, I started to think about the family bed.  Even though, I did not cosleep with my babies, I do believe we have a family bed. 

Every morning the boys wake up and walk directly into our room.  When mystikman is home, they climb in and nestle between us.  There is plenty of hugging, snuggling, kissing, laughter and loving.  These moments are magical and we can spend hours there, just wrapping up the night and starting our day.

I love our cozy family bed those mornings.  The bed is warmed by our warmth, the morning light streams in and the sleepyness still has us all in a gentle state of waking. 

11 January, 2010

Mercury In Retrograde

I have so many things I wanted to start being the new year and all... however, as my mind has created all of these lovely things, the body has not.  I really wanted to rid the house of Winter Decor after the Epiphany, but the timing got in the way.

Then there is the Vision Board for the family and we have not had the right time to sit and do the cutting and pasting together.  It seems our day to day happenings have prohibited us to do what we had planned to do. 

No fear, I will make it through, just a little slower than I had thought.  Mercury does this, it makes us rethink and put things on hold for a while....

Not all bad, just a little disjointed when you are trying to figure out why the movement is so ssssslllllooooooowwwwwww! 

The planet goes direct on Jan 15th... we should all feel a nice jolt to our plans, as if the power just got a boost and things are running smoothly again.

01 January, 2010

New Year, 2010

Today is the start of a new year, new decade and new cycle of growth.  Last night, my family joined another family under the Blue Moon to celebrate all that was and all tha will be.  We asked for the Moon Goddess to help us on our journey so we may embrace the abundance in the coming year. 

I was never one for resolutions, but instead goals that are put out there as reminders of who I am.   So here is to 2010!

May there be abundance, love, peace, mindfulness, magik, spirit, tenderness, and creativity.  Simple but pure in thought and intention.