28 February, 2010


Woke up and decided to cleanse!  I follow a simple 3 step cleanse, ideally 2 times a year.

First step eat only fruits and veggies.
Second step add grains, nuts and seeds.
Third step add lean proteins.

Choose a time length not to exceed 21 day and divide evenly among the 3 steps, example 5 days, 5 days, 5 days or 3, 3, 3 or 7, 7, 7.  No alcohol, sugar, dairy, caffeine or red meats.  With every meal, drink hot green tea, take acidophilus, and psyllium fiber.  With each tea, put 15 drops of Dandelion Root Extract in. 

You are cleansing the liver, digestive track and helping to ease digestion for a time.  Additionally, to make a bigger impact, it is always a good idea to cleanse other areas of your life. 

I have printed off a letter to my grandparents.  They are part of my childhood abuse and path to healing.  This letter is my way of saying I forgive you.  It is addressed and stamped for delivery.  After years of trying to ignore it... I finally found the words to say I forgive you. 

I also cleaned up my desk area, not as powerful as finally sending a letter of forgiveness though.  But cleansing none the less. 

How will you cleanse and make ready for the coming of spring, rebirth, newness and spiritual awakening???

25 February, 2010

The List of Gratitude

There has been so much going on these past couple of weeks, to really go into depth.  So the "list it will be.

Thankful for:

Like Minded Mommies - that support me, let me talk, share ideas with, gasp in awe, help redirect my children, share their yummy food and lives with!

Mommies and children that I like to be around - Ever have a friend that you like but have a hard time with the child?  Or how about the child you child loves to play with but the mom who just isn't your type?  Well when you find both, that is magic, really magic, hang onto that!

Whole Foods - not the store, the real whole food concept where you take a food in its perfect natural state and get nutrients from.

Internet - information to learn so much new stuff out there I have crammed into my head!

Not working outside of the home - If I was in a job, outside of the home, I would be going crazy, trying to keep up.  I love my husband for wanting me to stay home, raise our children and take care of our lives.  He really wants me to be here, no someone else.  That is a special guy!

Kindness - calling around for a new doctor and finding such kindness on the other end of the phone.  They care... not like first doctor....

Deering Estate - sorry for those who don't know about it, but it is a nature center that we attend an enrichment class at.  We are all students that learn so much and our teacher is a peach to use a Georgian term!  This is the best thing for our children to run, play, learn, create and just be together.

Acupuncture - this is an amazing therapy.  Try it if you haven't, it might agree with you, like it has for mystikman and me.  Our practitioner is the BEST, I mean the BESTEST in the world!  We are so lucky and grateful for her kindness, attention and skill.

Mystikman - I love him so much.  He is pushing on day to day with a great attitude and will power to heal himself.  He is driven to live a healthy long life.  He is my anchor and I truly am a lucky woman.

My 2 boys - who challenge me to be the best person I can be, even when I have a tantrum.  They push me to learn all I am able so they may benefit.

You know I always knew I could handle anything, I never knew that I would be challenged though to test that theory.  I push on, keeping this little family together and making certain we are all nourished from the inside out.  We are a whole family trying to live a whole life!

17 February, 2010

In Awe


The warmth of my bed in the morning, realizing my body warmed those sheets and blankets.  Warmth from a great big pot of brocoli soup that will nourish my family from within.  My littlest guys warmth after laying beside him on the couch and feeling his body warm my arm. 
Warmth from a friend far way who was just checking in on me to see how I was doing after all the health news and stresses. 

Warmth knowing, today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of a 40 day internal journey.  I will go within to strengthen my inner connection to the Creator and all its mystery. 

Warmth, something so simple, but we warm those around us in small and big ways.  I love how the word sounds spoken aloud...
W A R M T H. 

Image by Ursula Stone - perfect colors to engage a mood, go and check her out!

14 February, 2010

LOVING right now

Mystikman's voice
L's  smile
V's warmth
cool weather
organic food
great friends
supportive family
the word mommy
when my husband calls me babycakes
sleeping in a warm cozy bed

Happy Valentine's Day

13 February, 2010

Update on Health

A week ago today, mystikman went for a colonoscopy.   The 3 weeks prior, he had some serious digestive issues resulting in a bunch of nothing, meaning nothing coming out.  So we were all very worried about where the food was going and what it was doing to his body. 

The doctor found some polyps, removed them, took biopsies and discovered a Hiatal Hernia.  The colon was completely inflamed and not normal looking in the least.  There was cancer found on one polyp, abnormal cells found on the others.  All of this was told to me via a phone call the next day from a doctor that has ZERO compassion for the news he was to deliver a scary wife and mother of 2 young boys.  When I asked a question about natural foods, diet and other holstic things we could do to help, the doctor told me "No, I don't do that, go get another doctor", and hung up on me. 

The tears flew out of me as I couldn't believe the scariest thing to hear was delivered by the man who I was supposed to trust in helping my husband get better. 

Since that phone call....

Much dialogue regarding feelings, thoughts and options with other friends, family and resources.  Books, internet sites read voraciously, emails sent in from friends that know of others who have either Crohns, Colitis, IBS etc all read intently.  Spoke with a Nutritionist friend and Yogi, Acupuncturist and Chinese Doctor.  Called around to find other doctors on our insurance plan for second and third opinions.  Reiki given almost every night for at least 30 minutes at a time.  Dark green leafy vegtable smoothie diet followed by mystikman too.  More tears off and on...

Boys know that daddy has boo boos inside his body and that we need to seek out doctors to help him get better.  They know that food if used incorrectly will make the body not work the way it should.  They have dealt with the change to almond milk, no ham, more homecooked lunches actually like troopers.  They know that they have to learn to take care of their body and support daddy in taking care of his body. 

We still are waiting on some test results to figure out what he has, beyond the abnormal cell growth.  There will be follow up colonoscopies and maybe even a CAT scan to check all other organs. 

Today, feeling okay.  This was caught early and we have an AMAZING support team around us.  We have energy workers and our Acupuncturist has been a GodSend!  The Chinese Doctor gave us the most encouraging news and a path to healing that we both felt was appropriate.  So there is renewed hope that this is all just one big wake up call to change our diets, habits and focus. 

As I know more, I will post, but for now, we are trying to make diet changes, and celebrating the little milestones when mystikman has a poop, no matter how small.  It means something is starting to work. 

I am grateful to all those who have shown support, given prayers and positive healing energy in mystikman's name.  Without this support system, I am not certain where we would be. 

05 February, 2010

Power of Our Thoughts, Prayers and Words....

Today I received some jarring news about mystikman's health.  As the final outcome is manageable and in my opinion curable... I wonder if this was an answer to my prayers/thoughts etc.

I have wanted a more spiritual focus in our family and more participation from mystikman when it came to our family life.  I wanted a yoga partner, knowing the yoga is equally as good for his lower back as it would be for mine.  I wanted more whole foods and menu creation for our family, knowing it was again as equally good for him with his digestive issues as it would be for the boys and me.

Well the preliminary results of his tests show that he will have to make changes if he wants to live a long healthy life.   Otherwise those abnormal cells will start to grow again.  Mystikman is committed now to making serious changes and he is starting to listen to me in what I have been wanting for a while.

Could it be this was an answer to my prayers?  Of course prayers are answered on their terms.  So the way in which a prayer is answered may not be an easy answer and today was not an easy day.  But as I reflect and ponder the power of our words and prayers, it dawned on me... maybe I shouldn't ask for anything while in prayer.  If I don't ask, maybe I will not be given a hard answer?  Truly, my prayers will be focused on the blessings we have in our family and lives.  We are healthy in mind and spirit and we will gain our health in our bodies shortly!  We are financially able to meet our obligations and I really don't need more than I need.  Mystikman has a great job, were he is cared for and respected, he is happy with this company and that is key.  The boys are thrilled to be homeschooled and love their enrichment activities with all of their friends.  I love the fact that I get along and learn from these mommies as we are like minded!  We are together and have tons of love in this home even if I get frustrated from the yelling... and lack of listening...

We are blessed and I am grateful and thankful.  Yes this is what my prayers will be from now on, just in case the Universe has another answer for me that isn't easy peasy!