29 August, 2010

Gentle Cleansing

Better understanding of tears and why we need to release them is found here.
When I read this post, I realized that I do feel better after shedding some tears.  No matter what prompted me to cry, it was necessary to release all of the toxins that have built up over time.  It is a gentle cleansing.  Maybe that is why we cry when we remember those who have passed on.  We still need to release the pain and loss we have inside.  By way of the tears, we cleanse these negative feelings out, so we may live anew with love and happiness inside. 

28 August, 2010


Late night, watching youtube videos of Elvis Presley.  I just finished the one here.
You know, it still hurts and I still cry.  I do remember where I was when I heard he died.  I was in my dad's green pick up truck, as we turned the corner of our street.  It was on the radio that he died and I just looked at my mom and asked how that was possible.  I loved Elvis as a little girl and I would watch him on TV.  But I didn't know that people on TV were real.  I thought they were all like cartoons, that nothing on TV was real. 
Hearing that he died, hit me hard because I knew what death was.  It has happened to my baby sister and now he was dead.  I loved Elvis for some reason, maybe because my dad resembled him, or maybe just because I liked his singing.  But to know he was dead too, well that was a bit too much for me at 5. 
After all these years, it still get to me.  Why after all these years does the heart still ache when logically, we know what death is?  Why does it hurt so much to know a loved one, whether from afar or close, is no longer here?
I am no stranger to death. I have been to so many funerals, more than I ever thought I could be to.  But why does it sting every time? 
Sort of a different post for me, but this would be under the label, meandering maybe. 
All in all, I am an Elvis fan and it still hurts no matter what. 

24 August, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

  Finally, we found a home, a simple modest home that offers much more beyond face value.  The house hunting process has been an adventure with some ups and downs.  We looked at so many possibilities, dreamed some grand renovations, thought of investment potentials and finally realized we only need a home that will meet our needs, not exceed or stretch our boundaries.  A home that will nurture our entire family is really all this is required. 

This is a house that provides for all of our needs.  There is plenty of room to play, climb, create and grow both inside and out.  Thanks to all of my Florida Ranch home owners for their ideas on open living.  I see this house differently than I would have a few years back.  I see its beauty and its charm. 

The season is starting to turn, cooler nights, shorter days... autumn's harvest and bounty are about to be gathered. Harvest is a time to reap what we sow, enjoy our bounty and prepare for the long winter ahead.  I see the patterns of the seasonal change in this housing process.  The hunting is over and we are now about to gather our spoils.  We will soon be creating our internal focus in our home to prepare for a long haul.  I find comfort in this pattern and like how it coincides with the harvest. 

Additionally, I feel the barrier has been lifted and my body is more at ease.  I see the boys also grower calmer.  We have a place to call home and soon, very soon, we will be able to create memories in strong supportive walls. 

Soon, very soon, we will be going home!

16 August, 2010

Try Again!

Okay, so the house we thought was going to be our home, turned out to be more of a hassle, which made us second guess the "lure" of the purchase.  In the end, it is a house we are not happy with as it is missing some of the features we are ultimately looking for.  Could we have made it a home, absolutely, but would we have wished we had this or that?  Yes. 
In the end, it was best to move on as we couldn't come to terms after all inspections were completed.  Now a house we put an offer in on before, came back to us asking if we were still interested.  The answer was yes, as the house is cute, charming and cozy.  We just need to find a better price point, which we may have found.  We will know something soon, I am certain.
Life moves in mysterious ways, I would say and we are all along for the ride.
Happy August and Elvis lives in the hearts of us all who cherish him.  (Today was the anniversary of his death, yes HUGE Elvis fan here)! 

03 August, 2010

We are no longer homeless!

This September, we will move into our new house!  All of us are very excited to have this part of the process completed.  Now the banks and Realtors do their thing so we can get on with moving in. 

There can be excitement with moving around, traveling and living out of a suitcase for a while.  However, after some time passes, it is always nice to know where home is.  You know that place that memories are made, laughter is heard, tears are wiped away, celebrations are shared, and growing takes place, well that is home.  We are on our way home and very happy about it.  

Almost There!

It would appear the gap we need to close on the latest house offer is less than 3000.00.  Not bad considering our housing search literally took us all over a 3 county area surrounding the Greater Cleveland Area. 
The house is modest, nothing flashy like the last home we purchased, but it has good bones and an open floor plan, which is what we are most concerned with.  After having lived in as little as 1250 square foot of space, including storage in that number, we welcome 2400 square foot, 2 car garage, basement, tub and a small yard!
There are some updates we need to do, mainly decor.  We may add a door, cut out a small portion of the stairwell wall, but other than that we are just putting up some modern paint colors, and uncovering the beautiful hardwoods underneath ghastly carpet! 
It will be nice to have a place to "hang our hat" and "call home". 
Tomorrow is the big day when we finalize numbers and get the ball rolling in terms of closing on the house.  By Oct 1st, we hope to be moved in and finishing with the last of our boxes. 
Here is to having a great day tomorrow, the day we finally had our offer accepted!