27 September, 2010

Time for a cleanse

Let me be the first to tell you that living in a hotel is BAD for the waistline!  When we moved to Key Biscayne, FL, we were in the hotel for 6 weeks.  It was just enough time to be relaxing, then start to drive you crazy.  After 2 weeks, all sense of your previous life starts to vanish and you are already bored with the menu. 
During this 6 week stint, I gained a nice 10 pounds no problem.  Currently we are living in a different hotel, and we have been here for 4 months going on 5.  I have filled out my body with an extra 20 pounds... and have had enough!

I have started the cleanse, not only because of the weight, but because my body doesn't feel good. I am tired, sluggish, and gunky feeling.  This is what a car must feel like before it gets its oil change.
I hope to say good bye to the 20 pounds and feel better, have more energy and fit into all of my fall clothes. 

Beware of hotel living... it will literally GROW on you!

23 September, 2010

Little Guy

V turns 6 tomorrow!  Tonight on the eve of his birthday, I reflect.  V is such a lovely little guy, full of his own determination to make his own path.  He beats to his own drum, literally. 

He has the biggest deep blue eyes that pull you in, followed be the strangest laugh.  He is my baby, the one that I hold to calm and ground me.  I know baby is not really the correct term to define this young brutish boy, but he is mine and I will call him such. 

There is so much he is learning, loving and living.  I am amazed at what love can create and he was certainly welcomed into a loving family.  I wish for him only the best!  He is sweet, brash, calm, focused, loud, creative, intuitive, trusting, lovely and all boy. 

6 years ago.... what a cute bundle! 
Happy Birthday my little guy! 

22 September, 2010


It seems there are expectations and assumptions everywhere and when they are placed on you, it can be a little unnerving.  Case in point, both of the boys will start their enrichment program next week in 2 different locations.  These groups have a rhythm set up already from previous years wherein the families each bring something to share for lunch.  In theory I like this idea as it promotes sharing and that communal feel. 
However, when you are without a kitchen, pots pans, ingredients to boot, well this expectation seems like asking for the world!  Additionally, we are the new family and we are not familiar with the flow of the day.  I need to rush out and buy slippers because each student MUST wear them during the school day.  Everyone in Ohio has slippers right? 
Newsflash, we were living in South Florida for the past 3 fall/winters, so we don't have slippers and if we did, they would be packed away, buried in a storage unit off the side of the highway, 30 mins. away.
When I have asked for clarification, I have been met twice from two different people, annoyance it would seem.  The reality is, I am not in a routine, I am living out of a suitcase in a hotel.  I am trying my best to provide some sort of calm for my boys, but truly, can I have a break here?  Where is the understanding, compassion or heck where is the welcome committee?  Not once has there been an email/phone call that went something like this..,"We know this is all new for you and you are living out of a hotel, so take your time, don't worry about some of the details or expectations.  Give it a week or two and we can ease into it and at any point, just ask.  We are more than willing to help your family get settled in as this must be a huge transition for you."

NOT ONCE has this been offered or put out there.  I am made to feel as if I should reread the ONE registration form for all the missing insinuations there, that I should just KNOW!  Sensing my frustration yet?  Times like this I wonder how these individuals would fair if their world was turned upside down and they were asked to do some of these things on the turn of a dime! 

I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss my homeschool families in Florida.  They are the best; so helpful, kind, giving and understanding.  Maybe my expectations are also too high... so I just need to figure it out on my end.  Trying, I really am, trying. 

21 September, 2010

Fall Equinox

Good things?  Special time in the year that marks passages. 
Today the energy splintered for me.  Not certain what to think.  What is to come, I only pray good.  We have many changes and I am not feeling particularly excited about them.  Seems like I am going through the phases, but not enjoying the process.  Trying to work on this.

17 September, 2010

Here is the conversation in the car today....
"Mommy what are they doing?" "They are gathered together for a funeral, either a family member or a very good friend has died and they are all going to drive in a line to the burial site".  "Will AF, (to protect the innocent), come to my funeral?" "If you are still friends, then yes, he probably will."  " He said we were not going to be friends forever, but friends for a very long time.  Because friends forever means that when one of you dies the ghost comes back to hold your hand really tight and make it purple, it is so tight.  So that is why not forever, but for a long time." 

Life and Death are just what they are at this stage, matter of fact.  Out of the mouth of babes they say?

16 September, 2010

Being Okay With Life

In the shower today, I was thinking about my age.  Not because of any reason, or recent comment, just because.  I was thinking of the numbers.... 3.... 8.... and then it hit me, they are the equivalent of 11 in numerology for the higher number meaning spiritual teacher.  I smiled and thought, 38 isn't the nasty number I had thought before.  I actually like this number and feel proud now to say "I am 38".  Yes I am. 

Maybe I am coming into my own, feeling settled, feeling on the right path?  No matter what the reason, I feel great and so happy to be where I am in my today.