09 May, 2011

Mother's Day

As the Mystik Momma, I must say I enjoyed a nice and slow paced mother's day.  By big boy made me a bagel, both boys set up the patio so I could enjoy the warming sun rays, got in a few rows knitting a baby item for a friend, dinner out with family, dessert out in a quaint village.

The best thing about yesterday wasn't any of the above... it was the early morning snuggle in the bed with my boys.  My little guy was very happy to give me a hug and a kiss, but then asked so innocently... as if he completely forgot..."When is it kid's day, mommy?" 

That was it... I just smiled and hugged him more for his innocence and the knowledge I am helping him to preserve his wonder and childhood.  I am very lucky to be a mother and to spend all this time with them as the grow, learn, and consider their world. 

Hope all the mommas out there were able to enjoy their special day!