17 April, 2012

2012! Time Warp

It hit me that I haven't posted here this year at all!  Yikes, time certainly does get away from us, when we are on Facebook!  This is where most of my time has been spent, keeping up with new friends and being a Facebook activist.  There is so much to do on Facebook besides the little status update.  So my apologies for letting this space gather dust.

Maybe a quick and dirty update list... top ten things I am focused on might do the trick.

1 Homeschooling - methods, means and memory making.

2 Swimming - teaching swim lessons and actually earning a small little paycheck! Talk about a different kind of business suit, ha ha.

3 Knitting - socks, two at a time toe up, large project for me and simple little gifts.  I do have a quandary with one gift item that is eluding me, but will figure it out soon.

4 Shedding- trying to rid the house of unwanted, unused items, albeit clothing, small appliances, books, toys etc.  Not to mention a couple extra pounds that I am lugging around....

5 Playforts - we promised the boys a playfort, so this is the year to do it!

6 Spiritual Pursuits - looking at what spirit is guiding me to do.  Current focus would be angels and Steiner... read above, homeschooling, well there is a link!

7 Travel - want to do more exploration and travel.  If I can fit in small mini trips this year, well that is what we will do!

8 Food - always a foodie at heart, but rethinking how to be even better with the nutrition in our home.  Would love to be at a 50 % raw diet.

9 Sustainability - finding ways to improve upon our carbon footprint.  I will admit we are not very good at this one, but trying to incorporate something new every month.

10 Pinterest - have you been yet?  So much fun for a visually stimulated person!   The best way to bookmark by far!  I have even gone back to some of my pins and do what was suggested!  

What is holding your attention this year?