04 December, 2007

Santa Magic

This past weekend, we took our boys to see Santa. Our location of choice is an outdoor venue under a nice canopy effect with free standing heaters. There are beautiful decorations, tasteful along with other holiday festivities. We have been going to the same place now for the past 3 years and are really pleased with the set up. They allow you to take your own pictures which cuts down on the cost and unwanted sizes, due to picture packages.

They also offer horse drawn buggy rides with local choir groups singing holiday tunes. Tomorrow, there will be a ceremony to light the menorah and additional events to celebrate Hanukkah. We really enjoy this shopping area and feel at ease when there.

This year, we have been prepping the boys with the idea of Santa and what they might like to ask for. We took them to a couple of stores so they could get some ideas and finally they both were able to settle on a drum set for my youngest and a race car track for my oldest. They only ask for one item as they also get a stocking stuffed with little things such as tooth paste, music, trains, track, underwear, socks, chocolate, bubble bath etc. They really enjoy the entire process and I love being able to make the magic happen.

As we approached Santa, he stood up and put out his hands. My youngest, ran right into his arms and gave him the biggest hug with the biggest smile! My oldest was right behind him and they really engaged in the process of visiting with Santa. There was no large line and it was a nice visit. My husband and I were so happy to see the magic of Santa with our children. What a lovely memory. I wish I had the video camera to capture the joy, it was like in the movies.

Here is a snapshot of what I did take. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!

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