11 January, 2008

To Relocate or Not to Relocate???

Relocation... what does that really mean when you have children to consider? My husband and I are in the midst of job searching and neighborhood shopping, school browsing etc. It is daunting to think about all the particulars that one needs to consider when you have children.

When I was single, moving around consisted of packing up my Somerset 2 door car and waiving goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Now, I am more concerned about the neighborhood, the cultural amenities, educational options, local growers, organic accessibly to foods, fair housing prices, cost of living, funky urban feel that is safe. There is so much to consider!

Additionally, I have to ask myself if I really could be a Texan, or a Bostonian or a Southern Girl, (albeit, again) etc. Then I ask myself the other question about how will the move affect my boys as they will not grow up around family? This is a biggie for me. Both my husband and I grew up around family and it shaped us better or worse. But one positive thing it provided was a sense of belonging to something larger than you. If we move out of this area, we are taking that away from our boys. This really has me struggling now.

But family, mine in particular, has let me down. They one day didn't do the expected and turned the tables on me to leave me standing alone with my memories in tears. It was gut wrenching and buckets of tears later, I said no more. I will create my own family and I will be the matriarch I want. So does this mean I relocate and create my own space in this world, on my terms? What do you think?

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Amy said...

I am dealing with this question myself right now. I'm sure you are also contemplating the potential recession into your moving thoughts. It is so hard to imagine changing anything, and I wish you luck.

But I was compelled to comment because of your disappointment in your family. My family is going through some weird stuff right now, and my sister is pulling away from us. I am one of the sole remaining neutral parties and I don't know what to do. It makes me so sad because family togetherness is so important to me. Perhaps I can learn a bit through reading your blog (this is my first time here).

Good luck to you, and may you have a peaceful heart.