24 March, 2008

The Night Before....

As I type, the boys are running around WAY past their bedtime, hubbie is packing last minute items and I am trying to wrap my brain about what is really transpiring. You see, hubbie is leaving tomorrow at 6 am for Boston, Mass. He is going for work. The job could have been promising, if the people in charge weren't so unorganized and unclear. Yes unclear is the word I will use for lying....

We were all set to have hubbie go first and in the next couple of months, after I was able to wrap things up, move the boys out as well. However, because this job offer was very UNCLEAR, we have decided to treat this like a contract job. Hubbie will go out indefinitely, or until he is able to secure a position that isn't so gosh darn difficult or at best CLEAR!

When will we see him next? When will we be able to all live together as a family again? I really don't know. The earliest for living together would be 3 months I think and seeing him next? Well that depends on how CLEAR this new job is about his days off. Food service is not a planned or predictable career choice. Strike that, it is very planned... "you will work around the clock with no time for yourself. You only take time for yourself after everything is done and there will always be things for you to do".

Hubbie cried in my arms two nights ago and I admit, I lost it too. Our life is changing forever and I have no idea what to expect, truly no idea. I have no idea on where we will end up or at best the next chapter. It is scary and I truly don't think the boys grasp what is about to happen. Daddy won't be coming home tonight. Just thinking it makes me sad.

I hate that this is our life, but we must go where the jobs are and I we must live where it is affordable. How did our life end up this way? I still don't understand it all. But here we are and this is what we must do, for now.

Please send your positive thoughts and keep us in your prayers. We are hanging on by a thread, each one of us.

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Ally said...

Oh...This sucks. Big hugs to you all.