31 October, 2008

Rachel Maddow Show, Comments

Last night as I watched the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, I came to a comment that made me pause. After she played her interview with Obama, which was in a very relaxed tone able to flesh out some of the issues, she spoke about conservatism being bad for American. I thought about it and realized, this is precisely what I have been trying to say with my developmental theory idea. I think my theory was a bit misunderstood in terms of education etc. But I use the term education to mean growth in all areas of life, through experience, opportunity, access, travel, and other means to engage the thought process for better understanding.

Conservatism keeps the society at large at a level 2 stage, right or wrong, black or white. Until we are able to embrace change, look at issues and try to find the gray areas, we will never progress to further levels of development. If we had a 3 or 5 party system, then we would be able to really give options and help better engage our country into serious reflection. I would love to see the country get out of level 2 development and move onto bigger and better things. But with Conservatism weighing us down like an anchor, it will not help us progress. There is more to life that clinging onto the past and what was a good political philosophy. WE all need to grow and mature beyond what our ancestors and family have done.

This is the REAL American Dream, making a better life than your parents. Hmmm, something to think about.

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Amy said...

I completely agree - BUT I don't have that much faith in the American public at large... it's the religious conservatives who scare me the most.