26 November, 2008

Day before Turkey

Okay, here I am, not cooking tomorrow, but I am bringing the dessert. I figure, I have all night to bake my famous Pumpkin Cheesecake. NYC Gal Pal, will remember it was tasty last year, until it ended up in the garbage, pan and all after the drunken fest we attended!

Sunday I will make my alternative Thanksgiving. You know how each year there are these wonderful new recipes that you want to try, but never do, because it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the old standards??? Well I created a tradition where we have another excuse to eat turkey and make all those yummy side dishes no one has the guts to make on Thanksgiving. This way I avoid the comments like "this isn't like my mother's or like my family's, it doesn't taste like Thanksgiving". Just another meal of celebration with family, friends and really good food.

Here is my menu:
Cranberry Cocktail
Herb Cheese Crostini
Citrus Stuffed and Scented Roast Turkey (homage to living in the land of Citrus)
Chestnut Dressing
Cooked Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin, Cheese Cooked Pudding
Braised Broccoli Rabe
Orange Scented Rolls
Indian Pudding
Pumpkin Caramel Pie

Maybe it isn't too different, but there are no cornflakes in my dressing! I will have plenty of cornflakes at my in-laws tomorrow. I never did understand, cornflakes! Being Italian, this never factored into our cooking, or eating for that matter.

Let me paint the scene today... dust lies on every single surface of our house, dusty floors, carpets that are shedding their wool, clutter on all the tables in the house, boys room is complete disarray (well I did help out that situation by moving furniture around), boxes of items that need to be taken to a resale shop or goodwill, a desk with has too much loose paper strewn about and bathrooms that are starting to grow hair. At least the laundry is done. I need to clean, finish shopping and prepare my meal, cook my desserts and pack the overnight bag for tomorrow night. Lots to do and I would prefer to veg out and do nothing.

The bug will hit me and I will eventually get it done... eventually.

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Shalet said...

Well that meal sounds delicious! Your house sounds like mine only our laundry is also in disrepair. Have a wonderful holiday!