04 November, 2008

Election Day!

As I sent in my absentee ballot already, today is not very exciting for me personally. However, I will be glued to the TV around 7pm tonight to start watching the early numbers. It is happening... something new is in the air and it is a historical election. Wow and my children are living through this history!

Remember when we were growing up, all the Presidents and VPs looked the same? I remember when JFK was the big coup, as a Catholic! This is a wonderful moment for America. I just pray that we all see it this way and look to a new horizon of hope, promise and dreams of fulfillment.

Universe please bless the new elected officials, so they will bring about positive change, understanding and a greater America for the world. Please help all American's understand that we are united and created equal. Please help those who are closed minded to have an open heart of compassion. Truly I pray this is a great day in American History we were can walk hand in hand with our heads held high...

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