08 May, 2009

Happy Musings, Happy Thoughts!

This week has been a happy one for me. For the first time since I can remember, I am actually saying these words... "I am happy"! Hubbie laughed out loud upon hearing utter these simple words. Yes, I may not be the poster child for happiness, but lately, I am at peace with my life.

Yes I realize that happiness is within me and I am not ruined from experiencing this emotion. Childhood trauma's really wreak havoc on any shot at believing anything good can come to you!

Life is good, solid and stable. I get all of the life lessons and try to put the connections together quicker, sooner, better etc. I feel confident and again, the peace that surrounds me puts me at ease. I love how I feel and even though I can conjure up a list of "things could be better this way or that...", I really don't have to even go there.

I am living as organically as possible and in every sense of the word. I am making things... foods, clothes, crafts, gifts, etc. I am loving my hubbie and our dialogues and laughter. The boys fill me with challenges, but I understand this keeps me honest and I need that, we all do. So I accept it and love it. I am grateful everyday and just love the life I have right now.

Dare I say it again... I AM HAPPY!!!


Ally said...

Feels good, eh?

melissa s. said...

good for you for figuring out how to be truly happy. it really all comes from the current moment. i'm learning this too!