25 June, 2009

Musical Musings on Michael Jackson

Music was enhanced by Michael Jackson's talent. He was able to transcend the stage and go places we never knew existed. When I turned 10, I opened one of my presents and received a tape of Thriller! It was one of my first pieces of music.

That tape played over and over and over again. It was great and the music that I liked, not my parents or aunts. I was a fan!

When Michael became Jacko, my affections started to wane. I still listened to the music, but his off stage lifestyle, antics, allegations got in the way of fully appreciating him the way I did when I was 10. It was hard to piece together the musical genius/showman to the troubled man who never seemed to grow up struggling with his identity and actions.

Today, I watch the news and think, wow, what a talent, what a shame, what a loss for the music industry. It is shocking, why? Because you just think of these icons to be larger than life and in reality they are no more above the laws of the universe than you or me.

Life is a gift we are given in this reality to explore, create, experience. We should all do what we can to enjoy the life we are given as it is our most precious gift.

May you now find the peace you so desperately longed for Michael...

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