02 June, 2009

MystikMan, I love you!

Today nine years ago, I walked down the aisle towards a man who was crying, holding his tissues in his hands with dimples on either side of his face. I was a bit stunned at his obvious display of emotion, but he was also smiling, hence the dimples. He grabbed my hands and wanted to kiss me and I had to tell him, "Not yet!".

I didn't have tears that evening, truth be told, I cried that morning at my grandfather's grave alongside my mom and sister. Maybe it was the thought of my Grandpa not being able to share in this moment with me, or maybe the nerves of the morning and pending nuptials, but the tears flowed. Grandpa would have loved the wedding and he would have had so much fun. Yeah, it would have been nice to have him there. But my tears were done and all I had inside of my heart was confidence. I knew I was marrying a man worthy of myself in all aspects.

We stood before all our relatives and friends pledging our love, confessing our promises and sharing in ceremony, one created by us. It was a wonderful night. We danced throughout the evening, ate a royal meal and just laughed with each other. I was blissfully happy, smiling ear to ear the entire evening. I was a bride on cloud nine, secure, loved, matched.

Our love has been tested over the 9 years, but today, I say with every fiber in my being, I made the best decision ever when I said "YES"! Mystikman has proved his love for me many times over and still amazes me from time to time. He is sexier than ever, at least to me, and I love him beyond words.

Last night, I just wanted to curl up inside his embrace and breath him in, not letting go. I am lucky, blessed, tickled pink that we found each other!

Happy Anniversary lovely!

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