11 September, 2005

New Beginnings

Today was a busy day for our family. We cleaned out the garage, finished some old projects and prepared for our son's first day of Preschool. Tomorrow he will walk into his classroom eyes wide open with anticipation. Mommy and his little brother will be watching, as we hang his over sized backpack, for such a little guy.

Hopefully the only tears tomorrow will be mine. It is hard to believe that crying slippery baby that was placed on my belly arms outstretched ready to embrace his mommy, is now ready to embrace the world. Granted it is Preschool, but to me it is the world.

I guess on the anniversary of such an awful day for America, it is comforting to know that new beginnings are around the corner for so many. Each day brings a new possibility, friend, growth and memory. This is what I hope to pass onto my children the sense of growth.

We humans are capable of such terrific feats, let us not forget our potential and contribution to the world. May we be guided by compassion and love as we make our way through our remarkable existence.


Ally said...

I was looking at some video from when Jamie was about 6 or 8 weeks old this weekend. He was such a little baby and now he's a boy. The transformation happens so slowly you barely register it day to day, and then you have a moment of clarity and the full force of time just hits you right in the gut.

Austina said...

I agree. There are rare moments when I look at my boys and see them transform that very second. In fact it happened to me with Vincent this weekend. I looked at his face and all of a sudden my little chunck boy was this daper thin boy. I blinked and exclaimed, "He just changed and grew this moment". It was mind blowing to say the least.

Life transforms each moment, the key is how well we as humans are able to notice.