12 October, 2005

On the edge...

I must apologize for any readers out there who might want to know where the Mystik Momma is these days. Well she is tasked with the usual household duties, caring for my boys, all 3, hee hee, (yes the husband is in that category), recovering from a first year birthday bash, recovering from over a week with the in laws, packing for a much deserved vacation, (that we can't afford), and trying to plan a family business venture. You might say I have been busy, but who isn't?

Just to wrap up, the birthday party was a hit. The food excellent and the guests were all happy. I would think my son, V, would have loved it too, but alas, he is only one and most likely will not remember his special celebration.

My first child, L, continues to challenge me and my husband. He started preschool and appropriately forgot how to use the toilet for number 2. For a wonderful 2 weeks, I had to wash out poop from his undies. Love, that is all I can think of when I wonder why in the world am I doing this! Luckily, we re instituted the chocolate bribe and viola, he is using the toilet once more, whew!

Now L's big thing is testing our limits and everyone else's. He is such an intelligent little guy, but he wants all of the attention when he wants it and non of the attention when he is occupied. As I type this, it is almost 10pm. I hear him calling for his daddy, his savior! Daddy likes to give in to L and it has caused a bit of a problem in our household. Daddy needs to be more stern and strict. Then L, will know he must do what either of us say no questions asked. Pushing the limits of sanity, welcome to the world of a 3 yr old toddler!

The in laws, well they are my in laws. We don't shared the ideal relationship where it is truly another extension of my family and I would say, they also would agree. It is a relationship in progress. We both come from vastly different worlds and my husband just floats around between us. I don't know how he does it. The time spent was mostly okay. Most all of our visits are mostly okay. One day, I might just say, that was a great visit. Until that day....

We are planning a vacation, or better put a road trip south to GA and NC. There will be stops along the way to visit with family and friends. Looking forward to the time away, not looking forward to the driving. I do hope our boys can handle the drive and not drive us crazy!

Planning a family business venture, well this is the driving force behind my actions these days. When starting a business, there are so many considerations and lately, it seems that I have forgotten my intellectual brain somewhere. The mommy brain has taken over my logic and left me for not. Also dealing with the family at large, well there are many more considerations. Mostly these are good, but there are others that are just sticky and gross. As we are only in the beginning stages, I will leave it at that. But as the days and months progress, I am certain to have more to share on this topic.

Oh ps, I am enjoying a small achievement on my own... I lost weight, not tons of weight, but just enough that when I put on my waaaay, before children clothes... they fit! I am very pleased by this achievement. I am not one to really go on diets or exercise, so just by watching how much I ate and what I ate, I was able to keep things in perspective. I kicked all of this off with a cleansing period. The cleanse help me put everything into perspective and that was all I needed.

Ciao all,

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