21 September, 2005

A couple more days....

Okay, the big birthday party is almost here! A couple more days and our youngest son will be one year old! Wow, time does fly by, but then again, I couldn't imagine life without V. V is so sweet and calm, very different from our first born, L. L is a burst of light beaming everywhere he goes. Whether or not you want to be in his flood light, you will be there. Loving does describe both of them, but that would be about the extent of their similarities.

There is still more organizing and cleaning up to do. In fact while I type this, my mind is going over what I should be doing instead of typing this blog. Having said that, I must go and do what I need to do, or I will just become more upset at myself for not sticking to the plan. Ever feel that way? Sure you do!


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