09 August, 2007

Almost There!

We are almost done with the laundry! I have two more baskets to fold and then we will pack today. I also want to clean the bathrooms today. Tomorrow with be the de-hair day for me. Anyone else out there, waxing their own body?

I have been doing this for some time now, the bikini area, the underarms, and the eyebrows. I have to say, the smooth skin is worth all the pain. I don't like the bikini area that much and have a lot of false starts, but eventually I get it into my head the sooner I yank on that strip, the sooner it will be over!

I have gone to the salon for these more delicate parts and I must say they do a great job, but the cost associated with these trips is just not something I am able to afford these days. DARN!

We leave tomorrow and I am very excited. I think there is something to be said about smelling salty air. I am not much for going into the ocean, too many scary things inside of it for me. Growing up near a great lake, I am accustomed to fresh water, no irritated eyes or bad aftertaste, no fear of the random shark either. I have learned the helicopters patrolling the shore line are also looking for shark sitings. Yikes, and they said it was all in my head!

The salty air, however is divine. I love it and the warm sun and lazy attitude. So for a week, I will just kick back, lounge around de-haired and loving it!

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