07 August, 2007

Getting Ready

We are cleaning house this week. It is such a task to organize toys! Why do all the toys have to come in such little pieces? Of course when the children want to play with a particular toy, the pieces aren't there and so they discard and move onto another mess. UGH!

We are preparing for a vacation of sorts. Every summer we usually take a week and go to New York and stay with my in laws. They live practically on the beach, so it is a nice respite away from the hum drum of everyday life. The boys are taken care of mostly, leaving my hubbie and I to sleep in, lounge around, lay on the beach, soak in the sun and salty air. It is a nice week, usually.

Today our goal is to organize all the toys. Tomorrow is laundry day, Thursday is clean bathrooms and pack day. In between, we are cleaning the floors and changing bed linens. I do like coming home to a clean house after a vacation. We also do laundry while in New York, so there is not much cleaning to do when we return home and that makes for a nice vacation.

My posts may be little or non existent until we return. I wish all a nice week and peace!

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