24 August, 2007

Interview Me Game

1. What's your ideal evening? Money is no issue, and you're not bound by the laws of time or space.
WOW! I have always wanted to take a hot air balloon at sunset and glide over the Serengeti watching the animals roam, race etc. The ideal evening includes great food, that makes your mouth dance and delight, people that I luv, soothing music that inspires the heart, conversations that transport the body, smells of olive trees like in New Orleans, the only thing that smelled nice there... and the weather is warm, breezy and perfect. I have this scene from the movie Out of Africa in my head as I think about it. But I have to admit that I have enjoyed many evenings doing things that are memorable, not normal and not near anything that reminds me of Americana.

2. You can change one thing in your life, past or present. What is it? HMMMM this is hard! I would like to take away all of the guilt I feel for my behaviours towards others. I would like to get rid of my judgments.

3. You're coming back in your next life as an animal. Which one, and why? Mermaid! Does that count?

4. What person, living or dead, real or fictional, has had the greatest impact on you? I have to say that Elvis had a huge impact on me, always has, but before that and I think always will is my sister Nicole. She is my angel and I know that she has kept me safe, very safe. Funny a person that I never shared a conversation with or who called my name ever, but so important non the less.

5. M&M's or Skittles? Organic Peanut M&Ms. I love chocolate and nuts. I really don't like candy at all, but Chocolate, well that is a different story!

Play along with me and others. Leave me a comment to Interview Me and I will send out 5 Q's to you!

Thanks Ally for making me put heart and head together!!!!

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