24 August, 2007

The Vacation Post

Finally, I have come around to the vacation post! My family, meaning husband, 2 sons and me, spent 8 full days in New York. We were stayed with my in laws who live right on the south shore of Long Island in East Atlantic Beach. They really live well there. They are 9 houses from the beach on a dead end street with access to a private beach. The sea air lingers and permeates your body, cleansing it with its purity.

For those who know, my relationship with my in laws is a work in progress and each visit is an attempt to build a better relationship. At least this is how I approach it. I have no idea on how they view time together with me.

Most of our trip was actually very pleasant. We spent 7 days on the beach, ate well, celebrated birthdays with gifts and rested! My NYC Gal Pal lives about 40 minutes away which is nice, as we were able to spend time together hanging out. Our children were also able to spend time together and make their special summer memories. There was one part of the trip that was most unpleasant. My sister in law is not a person I get on with at all. We are 2 months apart in age, she the elder, and we couldn't be more different! She is a stereo type, suffice it to say, loud, large, raspy voice, small minded, looks for the easy way out, immature, possesses no couth, unladylike, New Yorker from Long Island, baby. It is hard to be around her and her husband, who is a mirror image of her, but not as loud, unless he is drinking, then you need to watch out for when he passes out and urinates uncontrollably! Yikes, did I just put this out there in cyberspace???

I don't believe she thinks highly of me, so I guess we just walk our own different paths. It is hard to spend time with them, as there is very little to discuss, intelligently. NYC Gal Pal will agree with me on all points! Unfortunately, we were scheduled to spend almost an entire day with them at their house. To add insult to injury, we ended our time with them at a minor league baseball game. 3 hours sitting in the hot sun way out in right field. I would not consider my husband or myself sports fans. He even less so than I. I will watch and cheer on the local football team, the Browns, I know...., but I do not schedule my life around a sporting event. I also do not like watching baseball. This is one game I really do not enjoy unless I am a major league game with all the perks, free gourmet food, ice cream etc. You know the distractions to keep you from falling asleep.

Okay I know, I should have been excited to take my boys to a game, but truthfully, I already did that with the Indians, with all the perks already. Once was enough for me. My husband and I would have been quite content with catching a movie while they took the boys to watch the game. Nothing like being held captive smiling because "gawd" forbid we actually speak our minds and let them know this is like getting a root canal! My in laws are the type of people who never say the truth, but tell you what you think you want to hear. They follow the "Polite" philosophy and let others think they are doing a good thing. I just don't follow that route. I would rather maintain an honest relationship and let people know who I am and what I stand for. I also appreciate people who do the same. You know, live truthfully and honestly!

After that "gawd" awful event was over, the rest of our time was quite nice as stated before. Here are some pics to see just how happy we were!

Me and the little guy, V. Burnt my scalp that day... but it was the only burn, so not bad for such a fair lass like me!

My Beach Bums!!!! What cuties!

Making Memories with

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