18 September, 2007

Hunting, well sort of...

Job searching is such a pain in the rear. I think the problem is that the push to get a job is the thing that gets me. Every single job I ever had was a must do. I had to get the job, because I needed the money. Not that I wanted the job, or even liked the type of work it was. No, every job I ever had was because of a financial need.

Having had some time to not "work", I have been able to free myself of that guttural pain of working and answering to people who I don't find very intelligent. Now there have been a couple of shining stars in my career herstory, but mainly the others were average if that.

In light of our financial conundrum, I am forced to look again for work. Again, the financial need is forcing the search. It has been hard to concentrate on a job track, because there are many things I am able to do. A couple of themes are apparent on the resume, but truth be told, they are not things I enjoyed doing. What I enjoy doing, well, is not easy to find. When I have found the sort of job I would like to do, the requirements are not something found on my resume plainly. So the search or the hunt, has been very difficult and frustrating. Then I add the fact that I haven't been in the work world for 3 years and things have changed a bit, terminology, technology and such have progressed. I try to stay current, but not being in a particular field is hard to know what I am to stay abreast of.

The hunting is slow going and proving to be more work than it is worth. I fear, finding something I like is out of the question and the money factor will take over, meaning a job that I do well, as it is in my nature, but one I really don't want to be doing at all. UGH!

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