19 September, 2007

Letting go of a dream

Do you ever have those dreams that grab you and leave you with a feeling of unease? I had one such dream and it was very scary. It involved a past love, who was very different from me. He found me and acted as if he needed to eliminate me in order to be free of his past. It was frightening! Finally, we were able to find reason and I appealed to his sense of compassion, telling him I was a mother now and I needed to be there for my children.

I wonder what this means in reality. Is he having a hard time with choices from his past? Is he thinking about me and are there regrets? I have thought about him from time to time, but I am grateful to have the family I have and to know the love between my husband and I has created 2 beautiful, lively children. I don't look back and have regrets about my past relationships. They helped define me as a woman in many ways and have helped me learn who I am in relationships as well as what I need.

Now the day will progress with trying to leave that feeling behind. Sometimes my dreams have a way of hanging around longer than I want.

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