06 September, 2007

Opera Legend

HIS LAST WORDS (as told to his manager, Terri Robson)
"I believe that a life lived for music is an existence spent wonderfully, and this is what I have dedicated my life to."
FIRST POSTED SEPTEMBER 6 2007 http://www.lucianopavarotti.com/

Luciano Pavarotti passed away this morning. I shed a tear as I heard this news. His voice had/has the ability to carry my soul and the souls of others to new heights. I find myself fortunate to have seen him live in concert 9 years ago. My ticket was the last to be purchased in a huge family outing and therefore I was seated behind the stage, actually only 10 rows up from the legend. He was so wonderful, and would turn around and serenade us. I remember what I wore, how my hair was and the feelings I had in my being, as I listened to this wonderful voice. He was blessed with a tremendous gift and brought song, to many of this world. If you have never listened to his voice, I encourage you to listen to Nessun Dorma. Of course this is a very popular song and most people have heard it, but have you truly listened to it?

One goal, I have had, was to see an Opera at La Scala with Luciano performing. I guess that will have to wait for a heavenly performance and I should count my blessings to have seen him once in this earthly existence.

The world's ears are at a loss today and for all time now. Thankfully we have the ability to replicate his great vocia, via the recordings available to us. Whether it is my Italian Heritage, or my love for song, I am missing a wonderful Italian Son.

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