29 August, 2007

Nawlins, my nemesis for 2.5 years....

I have been watching the updates on Nawlins myself and have been teared up at times. The stories of these people are so draining and sad. I truly can't imagine living in the conditions they are knowing the horrors they are exposed to.

Murders are happening at rapid, random rates and there is no crime lab to even begin solving the crimes! It brings chills to my body, knowing I shared 2.5 years of my life there, walking those same streets and yes I was in the lower ninth ward, as white as I am... how many visitors to Nawlins have done that, more than one occasion???

I am grateful beyond belief that we moved in time, but so sad to see the city that I had such struggle with be in such state of disrepair. One never wants to see their enemy really falter and I am sad for Nawlins.

Also, my friends who are there, have been telling me the tales long before I saw the newscasts. There are 22 psychiatrists in the city, and 2 of them I know personally. They are bogged down with so much work, they are burning out and trying their best to keep up. What a terrible terrible thing to witness in this "great country" USA.

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