26 September, 2007

Tears of Release

My aunt's father in law passed away this past week. I did know him well enough through the years and find it strange to know he is no longer here. As I reflected, I sent an email of caring to my aunt and her family, which is followed up by a card and a joint family gifting.

In the email, I tried to give words of comfort, love and honor. Even though we try to lift up those who are sad, it is also important to recognize the pain and allow it to be. We have to suffer in order to be released from it later on. Some quote I read a couple of days ago.

I also found myself tearing up as I remembered those who have passed on. It always hurts I find, no matter how the passing occurred. Even though I believe and know there is an after life of peace and joy and love, much love, it still hurts to know the incarnation that was their life will no longer be able to interact on the same level with me anymore. I think this is really why the tears come and the pain lingers. We long for those moments of connection and to know our world is stable. When in the end, we have no control over most things and death is part of life. NO matter how long the life was or how short.

When the time is ready, I will share my personal bout with death that I am experiencing now. The pain is real, the sadness comes and goes and hope thankfully is still there.

For now, I leave with Tears of Release. It helps to allow the emotions to flow out in order to make way for new emotions, hopefully those of laughter and joy!

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