09 October, 2007

Changing Season

I have noticed that our seasons are not what they used to be. In fact, it seems that ever since I moved back to Ohio, over 5 years ago, the Autumn is a long extension of summer. Having said this, it also seems to me that Summer doesn't really start until July 4th. What ever happened to our summer starting around Memorial Day Weekend?

My gal pal made a comment about how the earth is changing and our climate is warming up. I agree something is going on about our climate. For us to see a noticeable difference in the span of 10 years or less seems pretty extreme of a change, when it takes aeon's or at least centuries for our environment to make the smallest of changes.

I find that our seasons have shifted. Instead of summer usually being from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the time when all the pools are open, they are starting a good month later and lasting a good month later as well. It would be nice if our society would change with this shift so we are able to enjoy the outdoor swimming in the hot temps, instead of following an outdated storybook routine of what our 4 seasons look and feel like.

If it is staying warmer later in the year and staying cooler later in the year, is our climate really heating up, or has it just shifted? The experts of the green house effect would say our climate is heating up, as the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Then I would like an explanation why our spring is so gosh darn cold and seemingly stretched out into late June. I have yet to hear anyone talk about that!

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