08 October, 2007

Organization to be or not to be?

A friend of mine posed the following question, "Are we born organized or is this a learned behavior", more or less. I am not certain if I know the answer, but I will share with you this personal observation.

On several occasions, I obtain a strange euphoria after organizing a room, a closet, a file system or a kitchen cabinet. Is this feeling a learned behavior or it is something I was born with? Again the answer is unknown to me, but I can tell you that the high of being organized and knowing where everything is, has an addictive quality. I also realize I am a creature that is highly affected by her environment. There is a development theory out there, once studied by me, that alludes to this behavioral pattern. After careful observation of myself, I can attest to this theory applying to me. If my environment is out of whack, usually I will be out of whack. Things will accumulate and I start to lose focus. However, once I dig in and organize I find that I feel lighter and more able to handle the day, myself etc.

The feeling of a weight being lifted is one I know first hand. There was this one time, I sifted through a large bag of paperwork that pertained to an ugly part of my life. There was much pain in that pile of papers that drug out over a span of 4 years. I sat down and went through the entire bag, only keeping what I needed to in case I needed to follow up one day. After releasing more than half of the contents, I proceeded to shred the documents. I was so "high" after this ritual, it was as if I was out of my body. In fact a friend came over to introduce his new girlfriend to me and I really don't remember much of that meeting. I was too ecstatic to sit down and elated that the pain had been cut down by 2/3rds!

So is it learned or inbred? At this point, I know all that matters for me, is that once I am organized I feel better and more capable to handle what is before me. I wish my friend the peace she needs to find with organization, to be or not to be.

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