26 October, 2007


In Denmark until Monday visiting a friend and her family. The first day was a bit odd, as it was the first time ever my luggage was lost. Additionally, at 9:30am there was a door bell which I answered at the hopes of it being my bag, to find a very cartoon character of a chimney sweep. I mean this was very funny site to behold and scary, because he kept wanting to come in and I was not really in the right state of mind to deal with this, after having traveled over 20 some hours.

I finally did muster up the energy to brave the city center by myself. I walked around looking at shops, people and buildings. I have to say that once you have seen a few European Cities, they start to resemble each other. I found this to be similar to Germany in parts and then like the outskirts of London.

It has been nice to spend time with my friend and her children. Her oldest is my godson. He made the funniest comment when he saw me and realized that I was here. He said, you are not real! Not seeing me on a regular basis is difficult I would imagine. Occasionally, we talk on the phone, but still it is a hard concept to grasp.

My own boys are wanting to know if it is dark or light and when I am coming home. My littlest keeps saying, okay mommy, now come home. He is not thrilled to be talking to me on the phone.

Well there will be more sights to see this weekend and then I return on Monday. I am happy to have made the trip, but will be very happy to go home and have my children´s embrace, not too mention my husband too!

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