08 November, 2007

Being Authentic

I was reading an article in one of those free health and body magazines usually found near the exit of a healthy grocery store and was struck by the following line, "Stop making excuses to live the life you want to live and make the right choices even if they are hard", something to that effect. Recently, I have been challenged to redefine who and what I stand for. I try every day to incorporate healthy habits, from eating, purchasing, cleaning, exercise, parenting etc. It is hard to life the life you want to live when our society is not set up to support us. AT least not all places in the US are earth friendly. Additionally, our neighbors may look at us like we are freaks, or one of "those tree hugger types".

I find the greater challenge is within our friend and family circles. Do we have to accept a person's choice of poor health or guilty pleasure if we want them in our lives? I don't think we do. If you want to be a healthy person, it takes more than 75% healthy choices and the other 25% oh well. It takes 100% commitment to trying our best all the time and not making excuses when it suites us. This is not to say that 100% of the time we have to be perfect, but 100% of the time, we need to want better and at least try. Making the statement, "I only do it once in a while or most of the time I am okay", well even doing it once in a while means you haven't embraced the idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

Hmm, what does this mean for me? Well it means that 100% of the time, I think constantly about my choices and reflect on how I could have made better ones. I challenge myself to learn more and find the financial path to achieving those choices. It is a challenge, as I would love to have a completely organic wardrobe, but at this time, I have to go little by little, as I also don't want to be wasteful or irresponsible when I know my budget doesn't allow for any clothing, let alone organic clothing. I make do with what I have and try to recycle. The key word here is try....

TRY, TRY, TRY.... you must commit to a healthier life 100% of the time, in order to be authentic and taken seriously for who you are. At least this is my opinion.

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