05 October, 2007

Money Thoughts

Universe, I sense your challenges coming and I am not liking them. However, I am resisting the urge to allow my blood to boil. It seems that I have some outstanding bills that I have not received yet. In my head, I am keeping a rough tally of what to expect. Well the bills are coming in and they are almost double my rough estimates. I am really unhappy about this, as I have no clue as to where the money will come from and I have no clue on why the charges are so high. This was not agreed to and now it becomes a struggle.

IN light of my quest for peace and ease, I am trying to let all of this go, so I am not consumed with despair. If I don't call attention to it, maybe it won't get out of hand. Well, today, not only did the urge to allow my blood to boil get out of hand, but it is hard to keep myself sane.

Okay, universe, I see how your challenges work. Here is my mantra... MONEY IN, MONEY IN. Not the opposite!

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