20 January, 2008

Bis Nonna Birthday

Putting the "family feelings" to test, yesterday we all went to see Eric Carle's stage show of the Hungry Caterpillar, Mixed up Chameleon and Little Cloud. It was wonderfully done and the boys loved it! Afterwards, we went out for dinner at a local Asian restaurant to celebrate my grandma's 79th birthday. Now when I say we, I mean, my little family, parents, siblings, nieces, aunts, uncle, cousins and of course grandma.

Here we were all 18 of us, enjoying a night out to celebrate family. This evening made me so happy, knowing my boys were going to have this memory forever. Here they were surrounded by everyone they know on my side who loves them and is helping to shape their life. Again, as long as it is controlled to some degree, I love this aspect of family.

I recall my own memories of going out to celebrate the Dec. birthdays. We would make a reservation at a Chinese Restaurant and take up a whole room. There would be at least 30 of us. One time we ordered one of everything on the menu. I was about 6 or so and that was the first time I had duck. I was also a avid chopstick user by that time.

Yes these are the moments that I want recreated for my children, so they may hold onto them dearly. I just work extra hard to cut out all the incestuous, religious bashing and manipulating evil. I figure there will be a time and place when my children will learn of their mamma's past, but until then, they can enjoy what times we have with my mother's half way sane side of life. Again, I only want the good memories made. I have too many sad and scary times in my past that to this day haunt me when I least expect it.

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