23 April, 2008

The Call

Hubbie received a call from the RC, Ritz Carlton. They want to fly him down and do a tasting while meeting the team. This is all positive and we hope it leads to a firm offer. It will be for the Key Biscayne hotel, so most likely I will be looking at the Fort Lauderdale area as our new home.

Dealing with Alpaca Business as well and not liking the current place they are boarding at. They are to help me sell my herd and seem to have a bunch of ways to tell me they are having trouble doing just what they stated they could do. UGH! Is no one professional?


Ally said...

Great news about the Ritz. I've been wondering about the people you board with, as far as selling. Sigh.

A.V. Pool said...

Well on the bright side Florida is in the top four states along with CA, NV, etc for foreclosures. This puts the two of you in a better position for a place you would like to live at a price that may be more affordable. In addition, the kids will be around water where they can be introduced to sailing, surfing, fishing and a number of other water activities.