22 April, 2008

Urges from the crowd

Well today I got a push to do another post. It seems I have a faithful reader now and she comes here to this space to catch up on me and my life happenings! Well thank you for keeping me honest dear friend.

Honestly, I feel as if there is little to blog about these day. Same old same old song, I don't know where we will be living, when our situation will change, when we will see hubbie again, how much money will be coming in to budget, pending the money situation, it will dictate how we live, whenever we figure out where!

Then of course there is the matter of the MOVE, finding a school for my to be 1st grader, a preschool for my little guy and then finally a job for me because we most likely will not have enough money to live on, after we pay for private school. This all assuming we are in Sunny Florida. If we actually make it to Boston, well, only the little guy will need to be financially supported in a Pre K program as the older one will be in a public school most likely.

Of course the issue of housing, commute times, getting new doctors, dentists, music lessons is also on the mind, but honestly, I just need to stop. I have done a search in the Boston, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Beachwood, Westlake, North Atlanta areas to boot on all the things mentioned. I am exhausted and it all depends on the salary as to what I can actually look at.

So the same old story, it just goes and goes.

I was watching a couple minutes on CNN regarding the Texas Polygamy case. The reporters were retelling the same facts over and over again. My internal conversation when something like..."When will they say something new? When they have something new to say. Isn't that the case for all of it? We rehash the same crap over and over again, until the decision is made? Of course that is how it goes. So stop watching this stuff and just pay attention to when a decision is finally made. Then we know what will happen. Oh good stuff there... apply to own life."

So this is it. I need to just take it one day, one moment at a time and I will know when a decision is made. After all I am not the one making any decisions, beyond that of supporting my hubbie. Hubbie has to find the job he wants and commit to it. I will do all the rest, but he is taking the lead and dictating our future so to speak. Scary yes, but this is what I signed up for and I am okay with it. I have to be if I want to be with Hubbie and create a home for our family.

Hanging in there under extreme unknowing... that is what I am doing these days.

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Ally said...

I am waiting to hear what happens next for you guys too!

Things here are good on the home front, scary on the money front, and STRESSFUL shaky on the work front -although I'm looking.

Hugs and kisses to you guys. Jamie talks about V and L often, and "scoot, scoot, scoot your butt out" pops out of his mouth when I least expect it. :)