04 April, 2008


Today I tried to take my mind off of "things" and found myself in the basement. I have been meaning to go through the boys clothes and take items to the resale shop. Today I finally went through a ton of stuff, boxes etc. and made a new pile.

Now this is no easy task, as I have a 1/4 of the basement dedicated to storage;

you know those things that make a house homey, books, CDs, a ton of kitchen stuff that you could do without if you had to, seasonal items etc. Hubbie and I organized this part of our basement like a store, with isles. This way if we needed to, we could go up and down sections to find what we needed. This sorta worked. I just now found the mandolin for the kitchen.

So I went through the isles, looking for things that were no longer needed, wanted or necessary to keep. Now I have a new pile! This pile will be gone at the end of the month, so that is a good thing. I feel lighter, as if I accomplished some great task.

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