11 April, 2008

Getting There

Update on the organizing... I made it to the resale shop and dropped off about 6 large bags of clothing and such. This weekend or next is the rummage sale where they take anything! It is a donation, but at least the items will go to those who need them, possibly making better use than I at this point.

Hubbie and I are also organizing on the future front. We have been discussing if Boston is going to work out and if not what back up plans are in place. We have decided to explore the idea of returning to the Ritz Carlton for work. Hubbie enjoyed a very successful career for over 7 years there. He advanced quickly and worked with talented, passionate people that truly understand quality of life and service. As the Ritz is not a utopia, there are some items that need to be considered, but overall, it is a good place to explore. With some carefully placed inquiries, we should have a better idea of where we will be living/moving and enjoying the next year or so of our life. I am thinking the process may last until mid May. Until then, the boys and I hang tough in Ohio.

It has been an exhausting process to say the least. This idea of following a job, figuring out where we will live, will we afford the basics, job security, educational outlets etc. All of this while learning, current Boston job does not cover us in Ohio for medical. Until we move there, we have no medical coverage. Also because we are married, I am unable to apply for public assistance, so here we are uncovered, medically.

Then our refrigerator decided to conk out.. again for the 4th time in 5 years!!! After a week of trying to solve the problem, I discover the last repair ruining my liner, thus causing a slow problem that finally showed up. Good news, I will have a new refrigerator, bad news.. it will be here in a week. I will be without a fridge for 2 weeks! The company seems to think that a new unit is all they need to do and I should be happy about it. I happen to think otherwise. I didn't cause the problem, and I am being punished for 2 weeks without a unit. I have to now do extra work to figure out a solution to keep milk cool. Why am I being inconvenienced? UGh.. another thing. I keep telling myself, silver lining.. new fridge!

Okay, need to gather myself and get the day started so I can confirm the medical coverage situation and fix my milk cooling issue.

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