14 June, 2008

Gators... Welcome!

Came in from lounging at the pool. The afternoon rains put a damper on the sun bathing. Okay, I need to shower anyway. Back to the room, grab and towel, turn on the shower... HELLO!

What is this little 2 inch long creature crawling out of the shower drain? Turn on the water and it will get washed down. Now in the shower, shaving my legs. Facial scrub on my face, conditioner in my hair. I am now delicately balancing on my leg in order to shave my right leg. Look down and upon my foot firmly planted on the floor, little alligator! YIKES! Calmly, take washcloth, wrap around little gator. Walk out of shower, open balcony doors and toss outside. I am calm. I just didn't have an alligator on my foot inside the Ritz Carlton!

Have you had your gator today?

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