13 June, 2008

House Hunting?

As I type this, I am sitting at the Computuer located in Club Level. Club Level is this special floor dedicated to extra special service for those "special" guests. There is a lounge area offering breakfast, snacks, drinks, apps, cordials and the like throughout the day. This service is charged to the room, so it seems like it is a homey environment to come and go.

As I have been in touch with 9 realtors, seen over 10 units, driven around a large metro area, still I have found nothing. It seems Mercury Retrograge has really kicked in and not allowing me to really see anything worth while.

I feel guilty that I am not out searching, pounding pavement if you will, but I have looked. Online I search everything I can. I keep calling realtors and await their call back. It is a frustrating process, but I trod on.

I have a phone call to make and if that proves fruitless, I will go and retire by the pool The past couple of days I stayed by the room waiting for phone calls, not today! I turn it over to the Universe and say, when it is time for me to find a home, I will. I have done all I can with our needs and budget. I now must wait.

As much as it seems the poolside service and sunny weather sounds lavish... it is really difficult to relax knowing I have no place to move my family and that I am at the mercy of others to help me find something.

I will try and relax today....

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