27 September, 2008

Birthday Wrap Up

Well, my baby turned 4 this past week. It was fun to celebrate his birthday as he was very much into the celebration. I made him a crown, dinosaur cake and a banner. Help from big brother was appreciated! In the middle of this birthday extravaganza... I had to also deal with the Alpacas. We were enjoying a lot of crafting, creativity and then boom... the alpaca business had to come and just put a damper on things.

I haven't had time to download the photos of our creativity, because I have been signing new contracts, making transport arrangements and dealing with reducing an over inflated invoice. Yeah, I know mercury is in retrograde... I should have known things were going array!

In fact, I baked 2 cakes... the first one burned in 10 minutes. The oven we are using is faulty; just "one" of the reasons why I don't like renting, then I made another cake, which also burned, just not as bad. I was able to salvage the 2nd cake. So Mercury came in like a lion I tell ya, letting me know he was here.

I give and just want to play nice! Promise fun photos for next post of all our creative endeavors this past week.

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