28 September, 2008

Photos, Birthday Wrap UP Part 2

Getting the sewing machine out. NOTE: never used this machine before, haven't sewn in...years...

The end product
Embroidery Detail.. (Never done that before)!

More Details, some of his favorite things, Trains and Drums

The Inside

Viola, it is completed!

V, the last day of his life at age 3.

Happy boy turns 4, with Crown!

Now, let's move onto the ice cream and cake! Chocolate is V's favorite flavor. We used a gelato recipe. Only milk, half and half, cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch. I added a little instant coffee, pinch of salt and some vanilla.

The "FIRST" cake, look at how high the eggs foamed up and the batter looks yummy, all organic, high end ingredients... the best for my little guy (of course, in less then 10 minutes this gorgeous cake was burnt to a crisp and hard as a rock).

Okay so the cake that was finally made took the shape of a T REX, and it HAD to be RED, well I tried on both accounts. Not a professional cake maker, but even my Executive Chef Hubbie had great things to say!

Did you check out the claws??? The cake ended up being a bag mix, all Organic, Gluten Free etc. The frosting is a Mocha Butter Cream with natural food coloring. Extras, were sprinkles from Organic ingredients, and of Course Organic Raspberries. I must say, it was pretty tasty!

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Ally said...

BRAVA! What a wonderful birthday. Give V a birthday smooch from us.