20 September, 2008

Heart Vs. Money... Politics as I see it. ...

Talking with a friend last night, we hit upon this idea of the intelligence of the American People. My friend is hopeful that the American People will make an intelligent, compassionate choice in November. As much as I would like to believe her, I am worried the GOP ploys will persuade many Americans. It seems the more I listen to the different party philosophies, the more it strikes me how the parties lie along educational intelligence. There are many Americans that are not as open to ideas, changes, different points of view. They are limited in their capacity to learn and expand. What do I mean?

A Democratic mind seems to be more open to ideas and possibilities, not bound or restricted. They don't play on rigid fears as much as the other party. They are more tolerant/accepting of differences and have come to these ideals through a series of educated encounters allowing for learning moments.

Most Republicans I meet, as concerned about rigid rules, strict adherence to religious beliefs, which are limited in scope and do not allow for the "other". There seems to be an underlying ignorance to the "other" that prevails. I attribute this to lack of education, or intellectual exposure.

Now, I have not been a registered voter until 2004. I have had many opportunity to witness FIRST HAND, how the government works, met many a politician in my day and was a granddaughter of a beloved City Mayor who did many wonderful things. I am no stranger to the world of politics, but quite frankly, the more and more I learn, observe and sort through, I see these two parties in terms that I see most college campuses. Most students arrive with their preconceived notions of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ageism, religious beliefs, albeit instilled by their parents/family members.

Most of these students are very rooted in these beliefs at age 18/19. Once they start to interact with the "other", they start to learn how similar people are and they start to grow out of prejudices and into a tolerant space. Some of these students even progress to flat out acceptance of the "other" allowing the "other" to disappear into togetherness.

I see many Republicans in this initial phase of development: us against them attitudes. These really don't change until the "mes" grow into the "wes". One this happens we see all people are valued and we are more similar than different. Democrats are in inclusive party, while it seems the Republican's are restrictive and only really support those will a lot of money or those with extreme Christian values. I see it as a restrictive party, not inclusive or embracing. So many people fall through the cracks and haven't we seen enough of that?

Again, these are my observations among the media, my day to day interactions with people who don't know what I am, my interactions with friends and family. I used to think of the parties in this manner...

If each party had a symbol it would be the following:

Republicans = $
Democrats = Hearts

I always thought this way long before I got to the point of registering. I think right now we need some heart and compassion running this country, because trying to rule it following the almighty dollar has led us astray!

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