16 September, 2008

HFCS, high fructose corn syrup OUTRAGE!

I recently was listening to a commercial that stopped me dead in my tracks... Have you seen the one about High Fructose Corn Syrup? Basically if you haven't the idea is that it is natural, made from corn. Everything in moderation right???

WRONG! Let's start with this...
The same amount of calories as sugar or honey, the same sweetness (if using the one type of HFCS) as sugar/honey. Why use it at all then, if it truly is the same as sugar or honey?

Did we mention it involves a chemical process to create?

Did we even consider the source of corn used? Let's expand... corn in this country is Genetically Modified, unless Organic. Genetically Modified foods are banned in some parts of Europe! Do you think they know a little something about food nutrition?

Did we also consider our tax dollars are used as Farms Subsidies. There is a surplus of corn and we are funding this surplus. Corn sells for less than it is produced. Those who buy corn are not paying full price, the rest of the cost comes from our tax dollars. Who is buying the corn up by the globs? Those companies that produce high volume processed foods that use, you guessed it, HFCS! Soda companies, you know who they are, the snack food industry, you also know who they are!

Even if you don't choose to buy HFCS, you are in essence supporting the production in your tax dollars that are given to the farmers to keep the costs low so the junk food industry can buy it cheaply. Of course since this "food" is really "high quality" they also charge us an arm and leg for it! What a scam!

Now let's tackle the health argument. HFCS has been identified as causing health issues especially in those with risk factors of diabetes.

Whoopi Goldberg said on the View that if we want to tackle the obesity in our country, ban HFCS. I actually watched that show and applauded her bravery. Now if everyone else in this country would take note and demand the FDA to ensure our food sources are real, whole and truly beneficial for our bodies, then we might have a fighting chance for a longer life without health complications.

There is a grocery store in Seatle that has banned HFCS. Why doesn't Whole Foods do the same??? Anyone ever notice they sell Tofutti Cuties and other products containing HFCS? In fact when I emailed Ben & Jerry's about HFCS in Cherry Garcia, their response was "They have no control over the added ingredients to make the signature flavors..."are you kidding me, did I hear you correctly"?

If you think I am off my rocker, then check out this clip online.

My son had this comment to say about the state of our food supply in the US of A...

"Mommy, when I grow older, I want to be president. Then I can make sure all the people who make food do it the real way. This way our food will be real and healthy and not fake and bad for us."

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