02 October, 2008

Anticipating Something Special!

We have visitors arriving tonight, the first since we moved. The house gets a spit shine... vacuumed, dusted, toilets, sheets etc. It will be nice to spend time in our new environment together. I love having visitors, speaks to my Cancerian nature. I also enjoy the preparation before guests arrive. Not that I love cleaning, but it puts me in a mode of preparing for something special and life needs a lot of something special. (I am also one of those who gets giddy about the holiday preparations. In fact the preparation is what the traditions are built on after all. Doesn't the idea of making Christmas Cookies bring wonderful memories to mind?)

The anticipation of something special. I feel the same about the upcoming Election... the anticipation of something special, Lord knows we need that right about now! And just for the record, the last 8 years... NOTHING SPECIAL!

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